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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Reasons for second trimester miscarriage?

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peanuthead · 01/12/2010 17:31

Just that really. Has everyone been given a most likely reason for their 2nd trimester losses? I lost my third DC back in May at 18 weeks ish but noone can really give me a reason for it. I kow it's common for it to unexplanied but just everyone else seems to know why....

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jellybeans · 01/12/2010 17:46

i am very sorry for your loss. I lost 2 girls, one at 23 weeks to a chromosome disorder and one at 20 weeks to preterm labour as well as having 4 full term pregnancies and 2 early MC. The 23 week loss was explained by the genetics but the second was put down to either Hughes syndrome, (sticky blood), infection or Incompetent Cervix as I had no contractions at all, was just fully dilated...

It was only in my next pregnancy that the same thing happened again, (but as I was being monitored treatment could be given) that they diagnosed IC but I also had to inject for the sticky blood. Thankfully my son made it to full term with the stitch in place.

jellybeans · 01/12/2010 17:49

Just realised I have 'spoke' to you before on here I think, just re-read your name and recognised. Hope you are doing OK. It must be awful having no reason at all. I think it does happen quite a bit, sadly, that they can't find a reason. In my case they weren't sure until I had another pregnancy, even then there could have been more than one reason.

peanuthead · 01/12/2010 17:50

Hi jbeans, we've "met" before. I'm just about to embark on our next IVF and so I'm fretting about it all over again. You see noone has actually looked at my notes as yet.

The cons we did see just said to take baby aspirin. But I was taking that for this latest loss so I'm desperate to persuade someone to prescribe me heparin asit's much stronger.

OP posts:
pink4ever · 01/12/2010 20:13

I am sorry to hear of your sad loss. I have had 3 late losses(19,24 and 28 wks). Originally put down to incompetent cervix but later found out I also have the lupus anticoagulant(like you was also just told to take aspirin).
However after having a transabdominal cervical stitch put in I have gone on to have 2 further dcs with no problems whatsoever.
All the best with your next attempt.

spilttheteaagain · 01/12/2010 20:51

I had a 20 week loss in October and the results showed a strong toxoplasma infection, which is likely to be the reason.

So sorry to read everyone's sad stories and peanut I wish you all the best for this round of treatment.

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