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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

What tests should I ask for?

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emmad74 · 26/11/2010 12:04

Waiting for consultant appointment at Gyn clinic after 4th mc but thought I'd get off to a flying start and see my GP first.

What tests should I be asking the GP for to get the ball rolling?

Any help gratefully recieved as although I've done loads of reading, it's all rather bewildering!

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hairytriangle · 26/11/2010 13:30

Gosh so sorry for your losses.

I have had two and am desperate to be tested.

If you look at the 'innermost secrets' web page, there is a whole list of all of the tests that can be carried out for miscarriage.


spilttheteaagain · 26/11/2010 18:06

emma so sorry for your losses.

The link hairy gave looks very helpful. What stage were your MC?

If you've had lots of early losses then checking for thrombophilias (blood clotting disorders) would certainly be worth investigating.

mumatron · 26/11/2010 18:12

emma sorry for your losses.

i was going to post the same link as hairy

hope you get some answers.

mumatron · 26/11/2010 18:23

meant to say, there is a long running thread on here with lots of us at various stages of tests for rmc. come and join in if you feel up to it.

recurrent buns

hairytriangle · 26/11/2010 20:56

Just thought it might interest some of you to mention that my doctor has said she'll do whatever tests they can do, and refer me to the gynae department for recurrent mc testing after only two MC's. I am forty two, mind, and I did cry my eyes out at the surgery!

emmad74 · 26/11/2010 21:52

Thanks guys - all really helpful!

I'm 36 so hopefully GP will be helpful, and I imagine tears will be involved....can't seem to stop when I start to talk about them.

First was a missed mc - stopped developing at about 6 weeks. Others were all early - between 5 and 7 weeks. Don't seem to have a problem conceiving so far (4 bfps in 8 cycles), just can't keep hold of them. Have a son (8 years old) from a previous relationship, as does my partner, so I'm really hoping it's not one of those incompatability things.

I'll shall go to the GP armed with my list, and will certainly be checking out the rmc thread.

So pleased I've started posting here - I've had more support and understanding here in the last 2 days than in the whole of the last 18 months - just wish I'd discovered it after the first mc x

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