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Thyroid Prob, recurrent m/c and treatments-Prednisone anyone??

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Crystal5 · 22/11/2010 08:10


I had a smooth pregnancy with my son in 2007.
Then 3 months later I became Hypothyroid (auto immune, Hashimotos.
Since then we have been TTC#2 but sadly have m/c 6 very early.
I'm getting og ok at the age of 38!!
I was just wondering if there is anyone else in the same boat and if you have been offered any treatments?

My meds and thyroid levels are good. Ideally around 1 to conceive, mine is TSH 0.07.

Maybe its not the Thyroid to blame but after heavy research it seems a common cause.
Gynae has tested for clotting and all the usual. All ok.
Currently I am waiting for results from Endo where they have tested some hormones inc B12-Folate.

I asked about Prednisone and the Endo said he had never heard it used for my condition but would happily research.

Sorry for the waffle but I'm hoping someone can help or compare?


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Crystal5 · 22/11/2010 08:11

I meant pg ok.

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MogTheForgetfulCat · 01/12/2010 10:54

Sorry to hear about your m/s Sad. I became hypothyroid after DS2, had 2 m/cs at 8 and 10 weeks. After the second (v nasty, haemorrhaged badly) nagged my GP to increase dose of thyroxine and generally monitor me better. Also had a lot of acupuncture to regulate cycle etc. Now nearly 30 weeks pg with DC3, have been monitored by endo throughout.

I am sure thyroid was a major factor in my m/cs. Don't know anything about the drug you've mentioned, sorry, and don't have any words of wisdom or amaing new treatments to tell you about. Just that you're not alone, really. Sorry to hear about what you've gone through, it's so very hard Sad. Found acupuncture v good for relaxation, if nothing else, and did get my cycle back on track v swiftly, having been messed up for months with the first m/c - so maybe worth a try?

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