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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Do you think I'm miscarrying?

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hazbaz · 08/11/2010 16:46

Hi all

I am 10 weeks pregnant.....all booked in for the first scan and i thought everything was going to be ok this time but i had really sharp stabbing pains on Fri evening that stopped me sleeping and now seem to have a dull sort of ache in my pelvis. Do you think i'm miscarrying? No bleeding yet but the pain felt so much like my first miscarriage i don't want to get my hopes up.....Any advice appreciated

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KTDace · 08/11/2010 17:13

I am so sorry you are worried.

I don't know whether this sounds like a MC as it doesn't sound like either of mine. The first started with spotting and the second was a MMC so thought everything was ok until I had a scan. And when I was MC'ing the pain was all in my back like mild contractions, not pelvic pain.

When is your scan booked for? Is there any way you can get to an EPU sooner for a scan?

I really hope that you don't MC.


Purplebuns · 08/11/2010 17:32

Hi, this stabbing sort of pains could be your uterus stretching to make room for your baby, I had this a lot with my successful pregnancy.
To compare; I lost my baby at 9 weeks and it was backache/contractions for me as well.

Also it has been a few days and you haven't bled at all so, I have everything crossed for you! x

hazbaz · 09/11/2010 14:08

Thanks for your going to try and get an appointment at the EPU for a scan as i'm getting so stressed.

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WillYouDoTheDamnedFanjo · 09/11/2010 14:15

hazbaz, I had these pains at around the ten week mark for all my pregnancies (2DC and one miscarriage)

I wanted a scan to check all was okay for DC2 as I was terrified of another miscarriage, but I was told that the NHS in my area won't scan until 12 weeks unless they suspect ectopic pregnancy. I considered getting a private "reassurance scan" but by the time I'd researched it all I was just days away from my routine scan anyway!

It is so very hard to trust that all is well in there and to want to be reassured, I know.

If the pain is unbearable, then definitely insist on a scan for safety, but if it carries on as a dull ache and no bleeding, I'd say ring your midwife for reassurance

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