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climbing the walls

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daisysb · 04/11/2010 00:09

I haven't talked about my mc to anyone yet.. I have so much to say.

After spotting at 9 weeks my scan showed a fetus of only ~6 weeks with a heartbeat. I kept spotting the following week but hoped everything would be ok. A couple of days ago I bled heavily for 4h and had strong period pains. Very hard to manage the bleeding on my own and nearly fainted...

I went for a scan the following day thinking everything was over and I could move on. However I was told to prepare myself for more hard times as I still had a lot of tissue and the amniotic sac inside the womb. The nurse said that my body would continue to empty the womb in the next few days but offered me the option of going into theatre this saturday. I went home thinking everything would be over in the next few hours but it's been 2 days and my bleeding has not increased yet. I assumed my body would just get on with things... I really want things to go naturally but how long do I need to wait? I've only been 6 days locked at home and I'm already climbing the walls. I always keep a happy face for my husband and son but this waiting is starting to get to me and I'm having second thoughts about going into theatre.. Any advice on how to cope with the wait and decide which mc management opion to take??

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MrsShrekTheThird · 04/11/2010 00:15

it's totally a personal thing, and how you feel at the time. I've done both, and it depended very much on my state of mind at the time. The ERPC worked to get it "finished" at a time when I desperately needed it to be so, and had a 2yo ds1 to look after. At another time I felt the need to let it happen 'naturally' - I'm fairly sure that on this occasion I was in some sort of denial and thought that if I had it medically managed then it would take away all my chances (even though there really weren't any) iyswim
There's honestly no "good" way to deal with this, but keep posting here because it's where the best support in the world is :)

daisysb · 04/11/2010 14:43

Thank you so much for your message. I understand when you say that it depends on my state of mind at the time. I have just rang the hospital and made a decision. I will wait another week and if nothing happens I'll go into theatre next saturday.

But this means I have to try to stay sane for another week.. I read from other ladies experiences that you go numb for a couple of days after the mc. This would explain why I was able to speak to the nurses and husband about the mc without crying a couple of days ago but yesterday when I rang my boss to tell him about the mc I couldn't (and haven't) stopped crying.

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