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Time for tests to show negative after ERPC?

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emptyshell · 21/10/2010 13:07


Day 36 in the Big Empty House (normally when not on the WTF cycle I'm 28/9 days regular as clockwork) after ERPC where the babies had been dead for some time but my body was putting up a cracking fight hanging onto it all... still no sign whatsoever of AF, so I did a test (bearing in mind we've only had sex once since the bleeding stopped so the chances are slim as hell). Had no sign of PMT, tired as hell and could sleep all day but I've had that cold from hell that's going around, boobs are starting to get mildly tender but not the atomic soreness they get suddenly with PMT.

It's faintly positive. Not sure if that's residual HCG from the MC, or new HCG.

Any ideas? Kind of need some clue because I'm being monitored by the EPU for future pregnancies and they'd want me in for a scan at 6 weeks.

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MummyAbroad · 21/10/2010 13:49

Hi Empty,

I had a positive long after the mc (2 months) and unfortunately it did turn out to be retained tissue. Up till then my doctor was being really casual about my recovery but when I mentioned the positive pregnancy test he jumped into action, scans, blood tests etc, so it would say its worth talking to the GP and/or the EPU and tell them about the test

Obviously, just because you only had sex once doesnt mean pregnancy is impossible (I do hope it is a BFP!) repeat HCG blood tests will tell you if it is a pregnancy or not (the HCG level has to double every 48 hours) so its worth going to get checked out.

take care xxx

CMD83 · 21/10/2010 13:54

Have you had a negitive before now?
It took me only 9 days post ERPC to get a negitive test so I can assume if i get a positive in the near future it will mean a new pregnancy? If in doubt go see your doc though.
sorry for your loss and good luck

emptyshell · 21/10/2010 14:02

Haven't done a test at all up until now to be honest - had all thoughts of pee sticks and the like out of my mind.

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MummyAbroad · 21/10/2010 14:18

Back again, I feel like I should be a bit more persuasive go and get checked out asap.

If there is the slightest chance that you have retained tissue you will need very strong antibiotics asap, otherwise you are at risk of developing an infection that could seriously affect your future fertility (and in very rare cases be fatal)

As I said before, I hope its good news, but do get checked now

emptyshell · 21/10/2010 14:57

Rang the EPAU - they want me to re-test on Monday and call them again if it's still positive then.

Be a flaming miracle if I got caught the ONE incident of nocturnal activity we've had since doomsday!

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CMD83 · 21/10/2010 19:48

Do you feel unwell? Before I got my ERPC My temp was up slighty and I felt groggy I put it down to emotions ect but my doc told me I had a nasty infection so I was lucky in that sense that it was quickly sorted with mega antibiotics just like mummyabroad said. If you dont feel comfortable waiting till mon then you could push for a scan tomorrow - your health is too presious to risk. hope it is all okay.
But on a positive note miracles are known to happen! Wink

Loopymumsy · 21/10/2010 19:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emptyshell · 22/10/2010 12:22

Nah CMD - I feel fine (apart from still emotionally mangled) apart from having that wretched cold from hell that's going around!

If it is BFP (I doubt it personally but EPU thinks it's a pretty long time for it to be still showing positive) then I'm pretty much resigned to another loss - they told me as much at the recurrent clinic, that losing another under monitoring might be what it takes for them to figure out what's going on... horrible feeling to know that it's pretty much a write off from the get-go but what can you do?

At the docs on Monday anyway.

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KTRace · 22/10/2010 14:26

I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best x

banana87 · 22/10/2010 19:13

Interesting that they told you that at the recurrent clinic...why on earth would they say that? Did they do tests that have caused them to say that? Please try hard not to be so negative, if it is a BFP, as it just might work out for you this time. Fingers crossed.

CMOTdibbler · 22/10/2010 19:24

Fingers crossed for you. If you want to hear a happy story, I had my 3rd mc, second erpc on August 27th 2005. On the 17th of October, having tried not to think about it for a week I got a bfp, and he is sitting watching tv now.

emptyshell · 22/10/2010 20:28

banana I know why they said it - because things go wrong week 5ish consistently for us (last one was just a missed MC that died at that point). Their reasoning is that, if they get a scan in THEN... they might get to see what's going balls up - even if we do eventually lose the one in question.

I believe her phrasing was more - we see the birth as the successful outcome and getting pregnant as a step on that way, rather than a pregnancy as the be all and end all. It's kind of horrid to think of it - but right now I'll clutch any step on the way along that road and on a flipping great detour OFF recurrent highway!

Haven't even been thinking of getting upduffed to be honest - we only played horizontal hockey once this month because of my terror of going through it all again, which I'm gradually becoming more and more resigned to now.

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