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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Please help - I can't take much more :(

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wakarimasen · 20/10/2010 13:11

I wonder if anyone can help me / give advice? I had a D&C on 30th August for a MC at around 7 weeks. I take my temps and I ovulated about 10 days after the bleeding stopped but got my period only 7 days later. I was worried that my LP was shorter than before (it was only 9 days before my pregnancy) so took B6 this month. Today I have started cramping and spotting blood and its only 3DPO. I had hoped the MC would reset my hormones and my LP would improve but obviously this doesn't seem to be the case.

I feel so depressed now and I have been crying. I am so worried that my body is so messed up that I will never have a baby....I can't take much more. What have I done to deserve this? I excercise, eat reasonably well and don't drink or smoke Sad

OP posts:
notasausage · 20/10/2010 13:39

It's horrible when your body doesn't perform how you think it should especially when you're otherwise fit and healthy.

I'm not totally sure about your abbreviations but I found really helpful in understanding what to expect from my body post mc. Something that might be of interest to you is that it says you should have at least 20 days free of bleeding before you can consider it to be a proper period and not a continuation of mc bleeding. Have a look at the site and see if it can help you explain your symptoms.

emptyshell · 20/10/2010 20:32

I charted after my last MC and the first two cycles I had a very short LP to the point where I was googling phase defects like crazy. Reset itself to the lower range of normal after that and I got upduffed the 3rd month after MC. Sadly that one went to be a silent MC as well.

Dunno if that helps - the charters anonymous thread in Conception is pretty good with people who enjoy spending hours looking over temp charts who might be able to help you a bit more as well.

KTRace · 20/10/2010 20:59

I am sorry for your loss.

My LP also went really short (about 6 days) post MC and took about 3 months to get back to my normal of 9 days. Again I also read that you need to have 20 days blood free before it can be classed as a period. I didn't know this until after but it turned out that it took 10 weeks to get my first true period and then a further 3 months to get LP back up from 6 days.

It is early days for you, I really hope your body settles down soon. x

wakarimasen · 21/10/2010 09:51

thanks for the replies. I will have to wait and see. i just had so much hope that I would start having normal cycles after a MC. I haven't had 20 days without bleeding yet but then I never had that before either!

OP posts:
mermaidspurse · 21/10/2010 14:48

I do think that it can take quite a time for our bodies to get back to any sort of normal. Although sometimes wonder what normal may have been.

I have always found my body is just getting back on it's feet at about the 3 month mark too. Emotionally it takes me much longer so be gentle on yourself, stress can affect cycles massively.
I Think you are doing the right thing with B6 too.
My LP is very short but I didn't ever consider knowing all that stuff before mcs.
A lot of ladies on the concepion threads rate accupuncture for getting their cycles on track, maybe worth thinking about. I found it helped me feel a bit less raw too.
Good luck.

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