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Could there be a link between pill intolerance and mc?

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banana87 · 16/10/2010 01:59

I've just had my 2nd mc. First was mmc, this was natural at 7 weeks after seeing hb 2 days ago. After the birth of dd I tried taking several bc pills with no success, I bled on each one no matter what the strength. I was on the pill 5 years with no issues prior to this. Could the 2 be linked to some apparent hormone irregularity? Should I have tests to see? Which tests do I ask for/ will gp do without referral and long wait?

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MummyAbroad · 16/10/2010 02:14

Sorry for your losses banana87

I'm afraid I cant answer your question but I can recommend the book "Miscarriage - what every woman wants to know" by Lesley Regan. She runs the recurrent miscarriage clinic at St Mary's hospital, London. It is VERY detailed about possible causes of recurrent mc's and what tests and treatments are available. Maybe reading it will help you go along to doc prepared with the right questions.

best wishes xxxx

banana87 · 16/10/2010 23:36

Thanks Mummyabroad. I have that book, I read it in July after my last mmc. Looks like I better read it again (because she lied when she said odds were in my favour of it not happening over and over again)...

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MummyAbroad · 17/10/2010 01:05

Oh I'm sorry Banana, I feel cheated too as everyone told me I would be able to TTC soon after my mmc and its been 7 months and I still havent had AF!

Hope someone with some more knowledge comes along soon.


banana87 · 17/10/2010 10:52

Just saw you too on the other thread :)

Sorry your AF has gone AWOL. I know there are lots of drugs they can give you to bring on AF, I guess its just down to you finding a good dr (obviously not the one you have just seen!).

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MummyAbroad · 17/10/2010 12:54

Hi banana

I've already taken the drugs (progesterone) and it hasnt workedSad A scan showed my womb lining is only 3mm thin, so there is nothing to bleed away. Trying now to find a good doc to prescribe me something to help build it UP and considering the HSG that I have been offered. This would show if there has been damage done to the lining caused by two ERPC's/infection. I'm feeling a bit scared to do it because I have already been told that if there is scarring then the prognosis is very poor (definitely need a nicer doc, I'm on my fourth...)

Bleeding while on the pill is really puzzling have you ever been given any clues as to what this might mean? Have you asked for Day2 and Day 21 hormone tests?


banana87 · 17/10/2010 17:33

No I haven't, which is what I am after now. An estrogen test (day 2) and progesterone (day 21). I have completely normal cycles when not on the pill though, so puzzling.

I have not heard of HSG, if it is supposed to help, I guess try it?

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MummyAbroad · 17/10/2010 18:05


HSG is a test where they fill your uterus and fallopian tubes with liquid and take an xray. This shows them if there are any blockages or scar tissue present. BrokenBits gave me a really good description of how its done on the recurrent buns thread (page 23).

If you are getting pregnant it is less likely that you have blockages/scar tissue, so I dont think it is one of the first tests they would do, but I think it is used as a diagnostic tool for recurrent mc's when other things have been ruled out. Its much more common to do all the blood tests first, thyroid, hormones and then blood clotting disorders.

Have you had an internal ultrasound scan to rule out polyps, fibroids or ovarian masses? You might be able to ask for this on the basis of having a health condition related to the breakthrough bleeding on the pill, and not necessarily related to mc (to get around the fact that tests are normally offered after 3 recurrent mc's)
Sorry I am not in the UK so I am not super clued up on this, but I think I read recently that you can get referred to a recurrent mc unit if you have had three consecutive mc's or 2 mcs and you are over 35. What is your GP saying, being helpful at all?


banana87 · 17/10/2010 19:41

I haven't even gone through the GP. We have private insurance so I am going to go thru them or use Beneden (sp?) insurance we have thru FIL. I had a laparoscopy in March to have an ovarian cyst removed so nothing notable there (and he did have a look). I think the blood tests will be very telling. I wouldn't have HSG because there would be NO point, I get pregnant very quickly so I know there is no issue.

I guess at least they are offering you HSG, and with having no periods could be very helpful?

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MummyAbroad · 18/10/2010 15:13

Hi banana,

I am going private too. It cuts out waiting times, but it does make it really difficult to work out what I actually need as opposed to what I am being offered just to line the doctors pockets!

Yes, I guess if you have had a laparoscopy then there is little point in an HSG. Did they tell you that the cyst was anything to do with the breakthrough bleeding on the pill? If so, perhaps your mcs are unrelated to the bleeding?

I have just read that 3D ultrasound can be more effective in diagnosing Ashermans (which I want to rule out) than HSG. I would much prefer to go down that route than have yet more invasive procedures, so I will be exploring that option.

I get pregnant really easily too (both were "one hit wonders" at least we have that on our side I guess.Smile

banana87 · 18/10/2010 18:29

I know, I need to stop thinking getting pregnant easily is a curse. It's a blessing, I just wonder if its contributing to our problems. I now want to wait until I know what tests show, etc. Interesting about the cyst and bleeding thing, I NEVER thought of it. And right when I stopped the pill, I had the cyst removed, so totally possible. Will be discussing that with the GP tomorrow.

Defo go for a 4D scan, and they are not very expensive. Do you have private insurance?

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MummyAbroad · 19/10/2010 04:19

I googled the cyst/pill thing

not much info, but perhaps your GP can tell you more.

No, I dont have insurance, but fortunately private health care over here in Costa Rica is much cheaper than private in the UK. The down side is that it is not always that good! I had some 4D scans when I was pregnant with DS. These are available everywhere here because everyone wants to pay to get a look at their baby, there are loads of clinics that ONLY do this and nothing else. I think I need the HSG too though, because I think reading ultrasounds of any kind depends a lot on the skill and experience of the sonographer.

I do miss the NHS a lot. At least everyone is working towards fixed standards. My mix and match care plan is entirely put together by me! I hope that your GP can at least give you some good information on what you need to do next and what options you have for testing.

banana87 · 19/10/2010 08:36

Thanks for that! I don't think I was on the pill that long. I know I tried from the time they came back until the March, so probably June-March. I don't remember how long I was on the same one before swapping so will ask this. But just further proves that private insurance should cover these tests should I go private as they are not totally pregnancy related.

Poor you with the healthcare system. Is it like the NHS with waiting times and wards and dirty hospitals? I am American and just cannot rate the NHS after my experiences with them. Most recent was during this MC when they sent me home with an open cervix and bleeding. My consultant nearly hit the roof and said I would have hemmorhaged had I gone home. Although he was NHS too, I was just seeing him privately. The hospital I was seen in before actually told me they could admit me but would not be scanning me or doing an ERPC 'til monday' because the baby might still have a heartbeat...this was FRIDAY... WTF???

OP posts:
MummyAbroad · 19/10/2010 15:30

The Costa Rican health care system makes the NHS look amazing!! I have had good and bad experiences with the NHS. Yours sounds really bad though, absolutely the last kind of thing you need to go through when experiencing mc.


banana87 · 20/10/2010 20:55

MA, I saw my consultant today because I have an infection and I was in a state about it possibly being Ashermans. He said Ashermans is no periods for a long time after ERPC, not pain. When I said that I was worried about getting it after this 4th ERPC he said it is a risk, but still a small one and that if I did have it it IS treatable. Thought I would let you know that at least if you have it, something CAN be done.

OP posts:
MummyAbroad · 20/10/2010 23:40

thanks banana, sorry for freaking you out about Ashermans. I think if you have your periods back you are very unlikely to have it. I saw a thread about AS yesterday and there was a lady who had 6 ERPC's and 4 healthy children!! So multiple ERPC's doesnt mean you are bound to get AS.

I've had a looked at treatment options already -hopefully I am getting ahead of myself and its all acedemic- but it is nice to know its not 100% the end of the line if i do have it.


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