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21 day bloods after mc

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ljg72 · 13/10/2010 16:37


Had 21 day bloods taken today...but this cycle is a MC one so surely my results will be wrong? as I am sure I haven't ovulated (didn't post mc last time) all lows, some highs and NO peaks on CBFM but positive OPK's for the last week??wtf??.

I understand the need for some of the blood tests, and will hopefully shed some light on what's going on...but confused to why GP would test for progesterone on a mc cycle?.

Driving myself mad searching on internet for answers.

Anybody had experience of these tests post MC?

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MummyAbroad · 14/10/2010 02:49

Yes, I had these done a few weeks after MC and was then diagnosed with PCOS. I then ordered a book on PCOS from Amazon and quickly realised I didnt have a single symptom Confusedand that the tests were not done at the right time to really be able to tell anythingConfused This was in Costa Rica by the way, I do hope the NHS is better, but I suspect this is an error on the part of your GP. I think these tests should be done under the care of a gynecologist or hemotologist rather than a GP. To get an accurate idea of progesterone levels the test needs to be performed 7 days after ovulation, and preferably a couple of cycles after mc. Do you have a copy of the results? Day 21 tests are normally checking progesterone levels to see if your luteal phase is OK, but other hormones can be checked at any time of the month and can tell you about your egg reserve and thyroid function.

I would ask for the 21 day test to be redone at the right time.


ljg72 · 14/10/2010 16:42

Thanks so much MummyAbroad really bad that you had to research yourself to find out if your diagnosis was correct!...Especially after MC when you are desperate for answers!.

My results will be ready next wednesday from the GP...and I will be asking for a repeat of the Progesterone!Hmm.

Thanks for advice and sending the linkSmile

Best of luck XXX

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