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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

5th MMC, no DC - hope?

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MsJL · 13/10/2010 09:55

Hello there ladies. I experienced my fifth recurrent missed miscarriage last week which resulted in an ERPC.

I am under the care of Prof. Regan at St Mary's RMC and have also been lucky enough to have NK cells tested by Mr Shehata's group at Epsom. All tests come back 'normal'.

I feel that this fifth mc has left me with no hope. Apart from mc number 4 which had a double trisome the others were developing but got not no further than 6 weeks and a few days. We have seen a heartbeat for 3 of the pregnancies. My dread is that I have to get used to the idea that this is most likely not going to happen for us which is devastating.

I suppose my question is this - has anyone had the same terrible experience (or worse) and then gone on to have a successful pregnancy or should my new focus be beginning the process of adoption?

OP posts:
Lynli · 14/10/2010 01:00

I have had 11 MCs the majority at 6 to 8 weeks and one late one.

I have two DDs and one DS

No reason was ever found for my MCs. So do not give up hope.

There are lots of knowledgeable ladies on here that may be able to give you advice on the possible reasons.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

ZombiePandaEatsEis · 14/10/2010 01:20


So sorry about your MMCs Sad

I have had 7 MCs and i have 1 DD. I had i MC before DD And 6 since. I have quite a few health issues that can cause MC myself so i have a 'reason' for mine. Do you have any health issues? Underactive thyroid or bowel conditions? There seems to be a link between bowel conditions such as IBS and coeliac disease and MC. Im pretty sure i have coeliac disease or a form of this (gluten intolerance) and i have APS and underactive thyroid aswell so iv got no chance reallySad

I really hope you get your much longed for baby x

MsJL · 14/10/2010 10:13

it means so much that the two of you replied to my post so thank you so much. I am sorry that you have had to go through so much to get your precious children. x

Lynli thank you for sharing your sad experience - how amazing to have three children. I think at 36 (approaching 37) I would feel truly blessed with one. Did anything alter in your life? A change of job? Diet? Relaxation? Anything that seemed significant or not?

Zombie I'm sorry that your health problems seem to be preventing you adding to your family. I am very lucky in that (as far as I'm aware) I am in good health.

Thank you again.

OP posts:
BrownieGecko · 14/10/2010 10:36

MsJL, am so sorry for your losses. I do think there is hope, and reading the stories on here just re-affirms that for me. I haven't posted much since my last MC 3 months ago but my hubbie and I read some of the threads every day. It has certainly made me stronger knowing there are other women out there who understand how I feel and that it is ok to feel the way I do. Lynli you are one strong and very brave lady to go through this 11 times!!

I am with St Mary's too, we got referred after our 3rd MC. The last 2 have been whilst we have been seeing Prof R.

I do know as ZombiePandaEatsEis says, if you have underlying conditions that can complicate things. My MC's have either been 6-8wks, or 10-12wks. The furthest I have got is when I was on Metformin & Clomid (That was before I got diagnosed with Sticky blood) so now I have been told to try that combo + take Aspirin. I have PCO (I was ovulating after 25 days and had cycles over 36 days)so they think Metformin and Clomid will help to bring in my OV. I also have hypothyroidism so take Levothyroxine, this is now being monitored closely this time round. Interestingly went to see nutritionist about a year ago because I had been feeling sick for over 2 years and they couldn't explain it. Turns out I am glucose intolerant and can only eat low GI foods, they have done research on how this can cause MC, and taking the Metformin also helps control this. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to say I am still holding on to hope that it is just a question of trying to get the right combination of drugs right and we might be lucky one day. Sending you a hug, I know it doesn't feel like it now, but you will feel stronger with time.

Lynli · 15/10/2010 22:47

Nothing I can say that changed. I just couldn't give up.

My last pregnancy was at 39 and everything went smoothly.

I got sterilised after DS was born, decided to end on a high.

sotough · 16/10/2010 09:31

MsJL i don't have time for a long post just now but just wanted to tell you briefly my story. I had my little boy when i was 33 years old with no problems at all - got pregnant straight away and he was a nice healthy 9lb. Thereafter i had four miscarriages in a row, over a period of two years. it was a horrendous time. all my losses were first trimester, between six and nine weeks. we had every test under the sun. finally i had some experimental treatment for NK cells (steroids) and a very mild indication of antiphospholipid (only one test in four came back positive.) this involved daily injections of clexane. I'm now 27 weeks pregnant (yay!) and it does seem like an absolute miracle. there were times when the despair was overwhelming. we never had a clear diagnosis but just 'gave it a try' with the clexane and steroids.
who knows what made the difference. my heart really goes out to you - we were already beginning to investigate surrogacy but my experience does suggest there's hope after several unexplained miscarriages in a row. i'm now 36, like you. There's still time for your miracle to happen, if you can bear to keep on throwing the dice.

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