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D&C What will happen to me?

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wakarimasen · 25/08/2010 20:29

Hi all,

I having a very long drawn out miscarriage and after a recent scan it was decided I should have a D&C. I did have a lot of belleding and definitely passed something looking like a sac but the sonographer says there is atill a 5mm "sac like structure" which hasn't passed since last scan 2 weeks ago. Maybe it was twins or something?

I think the preg stopped about 5 weeks (would be 9 weeks when I have the op) so I wondered what would happen on the day. I have long cotton bud thing which I am to sweep high in my vagina and put into a liquid tube and take to hospital. Does anyone know what that's for?

What will happen on the day? Will the do an internal exam as I hate smears? Do they scan you agian just incase you have passed the material naturally? I have heard they insert pessaries so will this hurt? I would really just like to know what happens from when you arrive at the hospital.

Thanks so much {very anxious and worried woman}

OP posts:
CMOTdibbler · 25/08/2010 20:35

hi, so sorry that you are going through this.

The cotton bud thing is to get a sample to test for infections.

On the day, I didn't have scans, internals or pessaries (those are needed for later miscarriages) - just went to the ward, had a venflon put in my hand, went to theatre, had the injection to go to sleep, woke up later, had tea and toast then went home.

Physically its v straightforward, but emtionally hard

MummyAbroad · 26/08/2010 19:33


I'm so sorry for your loss. I too had a long drawn out miscarriage (4 months long, ending in ERPC and now I am waiting for my first period, so still not out of the woods!)

Hope this is reassuring, but compared to all the bleeding, prodding, poking, scanning etc that went on beforehand I found the ERPC was very easy and straightforward. I did feel very nervous before hand, but it was all over so fast, and recovery was fine.

There are lots of accounts of ERPC's on this thread , hope it helps and doesnt scare you.

take care of yourself in the meantime, lots of treats and relaxing xxxx

wakarimasen · 26/08/2010 20:06

Thanks for that. I am hoping it goes without too much more trauma. I feel like I might be getting a cold now so slightly worried that they wont do the op Shock

OP posts:
picklemumma · 26/08/2010 22:12

HI there, sorry to hear of your loss. It's just happened to me for the second time, though I've had the fortune to have a fine son in the intervening years. Had EPRC first time, it was very straightforward as CMOT dibbler (good name!) said - just went to hosp (though that was for first scan and they did it straight after) , got knocked out, had op, woke up, had to eat small bun/ drink tea, went home. Everyone at hosp was very kind, as was everyone afterwards.

This time I was told I could just wait for things to finish naturally, or have EPRC or go in take some tablets, go home for a couple of days, go back and have pessaries and wait in hosp for everyhting to finish off. Didn't fancy that much. Pursuing wait and see approach, though apart from the recovery from a general anaesthetic, the EPRC was no trouble and it does at least put a line under things, physically at least.

Good luck in any case x

wakarimasen · 29/08/2010 17:04

Thanks for the replies. I'm going in tomorrow and I am terrified. I have a real fear of blood and veins so not looking forward to the blood test (I was too scared to have at the ERPC). I just know I'll be in tears again as soon as I have to walk through the doors with all the babies / pregnant women milling around. Why on earth does this have to be so hard? Sad

OP posts:
emma31177 · 29/08/2010 17:50

good luck from 2morrow i went through the same thing in may 2010 u wont see no pregnant women or babies around i was worried about this to but they put u in a different ward, i didnt have any bloody tests i was home by lunch time its wernt as bad as i thought still finding it hard to get over the lost but have plants in my garden for all my little angles but taking everyday as it comes just dont give up am now 9 weeks preg and thank god everything goin ok so far .. so there is allways hope its hard but its makes you stronger xx

MummyAbroad · 30/08/2010 05:05

I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Life is very cruel and unfair sometimes.

Dealing with hospitals, tests, and pregnant people while you are grieving IS very hard in the first few days. The hurt does subside though, and as the other poster said you will get stronger. I hope it goes well tommorrow, please let us know how you get on.

a big hug for you xxxxx

wakarimasen · 31/08/2010 13:29

It all went well yesterday. The worst bit was getting the blood test / canula in but thats because I have a terribel fear of veins! I feel like I can move on now and get my life back. No plans to TTC for a good while - just cant bear the thought of it happening agian. Alos want to see what my cycles are like because I'm pretty sure I have luteal phase defect / Low progesterone so want that checked out first.

It also made me realise how fantasic the NHS are. I was really looked after by wonderful people and I feel lucky that we have acccess to free healthcare {smile]

OP posts:
MummyAbroad · 31/08/2010 16:39

Thanks for coming back to let us know. I'm glad it all went smoothly. Do look take it easy for a few more days and if anyone asks if there is anything they can do for you, tell them to bring you chocolate/favourite treat of choice!

Take your time with the emotional recovery, there is no rush to "be normal" again or TTC straight away. Its much better to deal with your loss completely first.

I wish you all the best xxxx

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