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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Could I have low Progesterone?

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wakarimasen · 12/08/2010 11:00

Hi ladies,

I am currently going through a miscarriage. I am worried that I may have low progesterone and that this may have caused the miscarriage I'll explain why:

I came off the pill in January and since then I have had very short cycles (23 DAYS). I started temping 3 months ago and found that I start brown spotting at 9 DPO (I do have a very clear pattern of temperature shifts so pretty sure I ovulate regularly. My period are pretty regular and this spotting always comes at 9DPO on the dot. It lasts for 2/3 days then I get my period.

When I got pregnant the brown spotting started at 11DPO and didn't stop. It got much darker after 2 weeks (from 25DPO) then I started to get red blood in from 29DPO. I started bleeding properly at 34DPO.

I am worried that because the spotting started straight away that I have a hormone imbalance. My GP was going to do blood tests just before I got pregnant so I wondered if I should ask to have them anyway? I dont really have any other symptoms of low progesterone and managed to get pregant on 3rd cycle so I am pretty confused.

Sorry for the long post. I just thought that maybe someone has had a similar experience or can offer some advice?

Thanks Smile

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randomimposter · 12/08/2010 15:00

am no expert in this, but this is my experience of progesterone....

I worried whether low progesterone might be an issue for me, as had had 2 MMCs, at 13 weeks (baby died at 12 weeks) and then 11 (baby died at 9)... so I got a day 21 test. The doc was quite dismissive saying that as I was obviously ovulating (getting pg very quickly in my early 40s) there wasn't an issue. BUT to shut me up she agreed. Test result came back at 55 I think, which was above average, but someone who knows about assisted conception told me that they like to see a level of 60+ to maintain a pg.

So I decided to use Prog cream when TTC again (was also seeing an acupuncturist). I conceived first month and am nearly 12 weeks.

This pg has not been without worries, and I have had no scans yet for reassurance, so am not suggesting this is a success story (yet?!) - or that even if it is that progesterone is the reason; I just knew after 2 MMCs that I wanted to try anything within my power to try and make another pregnancy successful. Progesterone is said to aid a healthy placenta and there are seemingly no down sides to its use.

FWIW I also got spotting pre-period, I also had more spotting in this pregnancy at the beginning than I have ever had before (and that was USING Prog cream Confused).

Anyway enough of my wibble. I would say yes get the GP to do the tests anyway. Sorry about your miscarriage, I know how difficult these days are. Hope you are getting lots of RL support.

wakarimasen · 12/08/2010 16:05

Thanks agian Jollster, I know you posted on my thread when I started the spotting Sad

My GP is really nice and is pregnant herself so I think she totally understands my worries. I have made an appointment to see her in a couple of weeks.

I really feel for you having such a hard time. This is my first pregnancy and miscarriage and just dont know if I could go though this again. If the tests show my levels are Ok then I'll accept that and move on but if I dont know then I would be angry with myself if it happened again.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I really wish you well [happy]

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randomimposter · 12/08/2010 20:11

that's a real positive about your GP - one less hurdle...

I don't know/remember how old you are; totally empathise with your "can't do this again" reaction. It's truly a horrible experience. The thing that made me ignore all those feelings was my age - I literally did not have the time to reflect/consider/change my mind etc.

I am also blessed in that I have one child already. I ache with the thought that I might not be able to give him a sibling BUT at least I have him. I feel doubly for all who have MC as their first experience of pregnancy.

Without wanting to sound trite, MC is so common and the hugely vast majority of those who do MC go on to have sucessful pregnancies particularly if age is on your side.

Thanks for your kind wishes. Take care x

wakarimasen · 12/08/2010 20:18

Thanks. I'm sure I'll feel better soon. Even today was better than yesterday so thats a positive Smile

I am nearly 31 so still young(ish)! Fingers crossed this was a case of bad luck.....

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randomimposter · 12/08/2010 20:22

oh you're a babe - oooooodles of time to rest, recuperate and re-group for battle {grin]

MillyMollyMardy · 12/08/2010 20:22

Waka, I had low progesterone, it was about 17 on day 21. I had a short cycle 26 when previously I'd had a 28 day cycle, We concevied ds with no problems but had 3 mcs trying for ds. The consultant treated me with Clomid and we now have ds 5 months. I referred myself privately after my first mc as I thought something was wrong and luckily it was treatable. You may be right but the only way to tell is the day 21 progesterone. Good Luck

randomimposter · 12/08/2010 20:22

that's supposed to be GrinBlush

wakarimasen · 12/08/2010 21:02

Hi MillyMolly,

How do you refer to a private clinic? Did you just look for someone online? Also may I ask if it was very expensive?


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