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Short Cervix Issue / Miscarriage

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Nzinga · 02/08/2010 09:21

Hi All

Any advice or if anyone has an experience they can share I will greatly appreciate it.

I have been diagnosed with an 'incompetent cervix' following 2 miscarriages during my second trimester of pregnancy. Both miscarriages were extremely traumatic and difficult to recover from.

I find myself pregnant for the third time and am currently 15 weeks pregnant. My first scan last week measured my cervix at just below 2cm (1.99cm or so) with some funnelling. I have been categorised as 'high risk' and been put forward for a cervical cerclage so my cervix can be reinforced with a stitch.

I have been advised of the number of risks including membrane rupture and potential miscarriage. I have also been reading up on how this procedure comes with little medical evidence for success.

With this in mind, I wondered if anyone has undergone this procedure, what it was like and how they felt immediately afterwards? I am feeling so anxious, is my feeling justified?

OP posts:
Teleaddict · 04/08/2010 09:07

Hi Nzinga,

I too suffered a second trimester miscarriage and was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix in Feb 2008.

When I became in pregnant later that year I had a cervical stitch at 14 weeks of pregnancy. I suffered no physical side affects of having the stitch and the procedure itself was done under an epidural so I felt nothing during it. However, the biggest impact on me was emotional. I too was incredibly anxious before the procedure because of the potential risks that you mention in your OP. This anxiety continued after the stitch had been put in, especially as I reached 20 weeks which is when I lost my baby. I remember thinking that this baby was just going to 'drop' out despite having the stitch in and it was an incredibly difficult time. I was referred to the bereavement midwife at my hospital who helped me deal with these feelings and I would recommend asking whether they provide this support at your hospital.
As my pregnancy progressed I became less anxious and began to let myself believe that I was going to get to full term.
I had the stitch taken out at 38 weeks and delivered my DD (now 18 months!) at 39 weeks.
So, I am very very glad that I had the stitch put in and my consultant confirmed that I would need a stitch again should we decide to have another baby.
If you want to send me a message or ask any more questions then please do Nzinga but I hope that sharing my experience with you had helped.

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