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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Is it time to try again?

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daisytaylor · 31/07/2010 21:10

As some of you on here may remember i suffered a pretty horrendous mmc last year which was my 4th mc. I am lucky to already have 4 healthy children and i know this may sound selfish to some people for me to even be on here but me and my husband have always wanted a big family. I had 2 mc's before have our children and then 3 years ago i lost twins and then last year i had my mmc which was allowed to go on for 10 weeks.
It has been a very stressful few months and have recently been diagnosed with gallstones and also a cyst has been found on my liver which was discovered after having really bad stomach pains that lasted hours. I also suffer with severe acid reflux which i am being treated for with lansoprazole. This is working very well and i am also losing weight which is helping but me and my husband have started talking about maybe trying one more time for a baby but i have to say i am so scared of going through all this again. I became very down last time and i felt very alone in some ways. The people that i thought would be there for me weren't but thanks to mumsnet i got through it. I have an appointment with my gp soon as the tablets i am on are not safe in pregnancy so that worries me, the pain without the tablets is very bad but they won't operate on me as medication is working. So i just don't know what to do now, can anyone offer some advice?

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daisytaylor · 01/08/2010 22:05

Bumping myself.

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wonderif · 02/08/2010 08:29


I am so sorry you have had to go through such a nightmare.
no normal human being would think your selfish for wanting to be a mummy again.

i miscarried at 17 & 5 days only a few days ago and its horrific what we have to go through.

if you feel the time is right i would try again .

i feel empty and still feel pregnant my chest is agony today and its just cruel what life has in store, we wil try again once we feel ready.

take care x

upturnj · 02/08/2010 11:03

hi daisytaylor sorry you've been through these losses. I have had 3 m/c's and too felt very down and alone after each one. I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant but still very much feel the effects of the previous miscarriages. MN has been a saviour to me and I've learnt that it's OK to feel like I do.
I wish you well with whatever you decide. x

Poohbearsmom · 02/08/2010 12:48

Hi daisy im so very sorry for your losses is time on your side so to speak? Could you gradually wean off the tablets and see if the pain is bearable and if the weight lost helps at all with your condition? If you and dh speak through things with your g.p/hospital about having the operation as you really want to ttc would it even be an option with them? Im sorry more questions then answers here! If you feel there is still another little person waiting to become part of your family i think you'l always regret not at least trying for them but if your health and family will suffer because your in pain and deeply hurting if god forbid the worst would happen again is that something ye are all willing to risk? follow your heart...

Wonderif ((Hugs)) my dear you sound in such awful pain and im so very sorry you lost your darling baby

daisytaylor · 02/08/2010 19:50

Hi wonderif thank you for your reply, so sorry you are going through this. I lost all mine before 12 weeks so it must be awful to lose when you think you have passed that 12 week danger period. I hope you go on to have a healthy baby in the near future.

upturnj i am very happy for you, its so nice to hear a happy story when someone has gone through the heartbreak of mc's.MN is a real saviour and i had alot of support from people on here.

Hi poohbear, i am not sure wether or not they will operate as i do have a weight issue and i am losing weight now but they want me to lose more which is understandable as my health is obviously suffering. I am seeing my GP on 31st august and i am going to ask if there is a safer alternative to what i am on if we decide to try again. I would really love to have another child, me and dh have always wanted a big family. I didn't think i wanted to have anymore after what i went through last year but recently i have changed my mind. I guess i am starting to slowly get over it all. Time is still on my side, i turn 31 in september.
I think i would regret it if i didn't give it at least one more try. Although i think this would be the last time. My youngest turns 5 on sunday and is in full time school and i really miss having a child around me and being a mum all day. I come home in the morning and can't wait for the kids to come in from school.
Thank you for the questions as it has given me a bit more to think about.

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Poohbearsmom · 02/08/2010 20:56

Daisy i was over 16st last dec i lost 2 and a half which i would never have done without the amazing support, kicks up the bum and friendship i got right here on mn im on a thread with a fantastic group of all ladies all different sizes doing different things who started at diff times and its a great group and id be so happy if you joined us. Everyone will welcome you and be delighted if we could support you to loose some weight. And we'v one lady who's pg and another who's waiting to ttc but cant atm due to health reasons too and you know abit of my story so you might get more advice there too...
I put back on 11lbs between bad health, being pg and mostly going into comfort eating after i mc but im back with them (never really left cause they'r too nice!) and i know we'l do it! Please do come join us we dont just talk diet and its fun but most of all its a great group were called 2010 weight loss club: the summer slinkies. The thread is over in the big/slim/little whatever weight loss section, sorry i cant link i internet on my mobile... Even if loosing a little could help with ttc and being pregnant then its def worth it! I hope i dont seem preachy or ott!!

daisytaylor · 04/08/2010 13:28

Hi thank you that would be great, i will go and look now

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