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Not enough fluid around foetus at 9wks-more info needed?

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jocesar · 27/07/2010 14:17

Hello all the amazing ladies on this page without whom I would be in much more of a mess. That sounds too gushing but I'm amazed at how kind and supportive the posters are in this area. The pain of miscarrying is so much easier to share on here than with DH or family.

Have 2yo DS then MMC1 in January and am now 9+1. Haven't had many pregnancy symptons and passed some brown discharge then some black stuff 2 days ago. Went for a scan today and don't know whether to be happy or continue crying.

There was a live baby- within normal size for 9 weeks- with a heart beat but with very little fluid in the amniotic sac. The nurse has told me this could be something that just rectifies itself and I could go on to have a normal pregnancy or it could mean there is an abnormality and the baby won't survive much longer. At the time I was delirious about the fact of seeing a heartbeat but the nurse seemed quite negative about my chances but I couldn't get her to give me a percentage chance of sucess.

Has anyone been in this situation- can you explain it to me and what are the chances of this having a happy outcome? I have another scan in 2 wks so I'm in for another rollercoaster 2 weeks.

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CakeandFineWine · 28/07/2010 09:17

Sorry to hear your news about MMC I had one last year and it was SO devastating...
I have no experience of low fluid in early pregnancy but will keep my fingers crossed for you, hope it recitifys itself and keep us posted xx

threelittlepebbles · 28/07/2010 12:16

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