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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

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jocesar · 24/07/2010 14:13


I had a mmc in January and had an ERPC. Am now 8+4 and am very worried. This waiting is horrendous. I noticed a miniscule amount of brown discharge 2 days ago but nothing since. This is exactly how my last mc started- although the discharge continued.
I have had some pregnancy symptons but only very mild nausea- and sometimes I even think that I'm imagining that.
Do you think this discharge is bad news? Or can it be OK. I can't afford a private viability scan- any advise to help get through this waiting game?
Thanks in advance for your support.

OP posts:
GrumpyFish · 24/07/2010 14:28

Will your local EPU scan you? If it was me I would either call the EPU directly (via hospital switchboard if you don't have the number), or NHS 24 and ask if they could set up an appointment. After a previous miscarriage I would have thought that they would be prepared to do this. If you can wait until Monday, you could see your GP and ask them to arrange it?

I wouldn't worry too much about the sypmtoms in themselves though (although know this is easier said than done), bleeding, especially brown bleeding, is common and doesn't necessarily indicate a problem. A miniscule amount that has stopped just sounds like old implanation bleeding coming away. And other pg symptoms just vary from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy. I can understand why you would like some reassurance though. Good luck.

hairytriangle · 24/07/2010 14:30

Hi So very sorry you are so very worried - it's totally understandable. Having had a prolonged mc myself, I know how horrible and worrying the whole thing can be and I dread to think how I will cope if and when I get PG again.

The NHS takes these kind of worries seriously, especially with history of MC so if I were you I'd phone the out of hours service, and make sure they understand that you are extremely distressed, and have had an MMC before, and they will definately see you at the out of hours place, and probably refer you to the Early Pregnancy Unit.

The NHS (via an EPU) should offer you a scan. Especially since you have had a MMC before. I can't stress enough, you need to makes sure the medical people know how very distressed you are! Be as pushy as you need to be, to get your scan.

From what I know, not everyone gets clear pregnancy symptoms in fact some people get none at all. So don't take the lack of symptoms as a bad sign.

I hope you will be ok and be able to get a clear answer on this.

Good luck.

MummyAbroad · 24/07/2010 16:39

I've had two pregnancies, one in which I had a healthy son, I never felt sick and bled a little in the first few weeks. The second ended in miscarriage, I was sick as a dog, I even went to A & E and had to be put on a drip because I vomited so much. I didnt bleed until the miscarriage started and then it didnt stop like yours has.

So sorry you are worried, I hope you can get a scan so you can get some reassurance. The signs you have in themselves MEAN NOTHING.

Best wishes xxxxx

Loopymumsy · 24/07/2010 17:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DinahRod · 24/07/2010 17:18

I had a lot of bleeding and cramping last pg, 8m down the line ds is now asleep on top of dh, who is also asleep. And from everything I've read I don't believe the bleeding is terribly unusual. Of course it is natural to be worried but it is also very very common, especially around the time of 'period', that you get some bleeding.

If you get any more bleeding or cramping then get your GP to refer you to the EPU. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

saltyair · 24/07/2010 17:57

Hi Jocesar

I can completely understand where you are coming from - I think referrals vary from area to area, but when I needed a scan I phoned the midwife's out of hours service and they referred me for the next day, although weekends are a no-no (apparently people don't have pregnancy ishooos over weekends....)

As others have said, it is important to let them know how worried you are, especially considering your history.

They may ask you to wait and see if the bleeding re-occurs before referring.

I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy, and hope you can get the reassurance you need.

banana87 · 24/07/2010 21:31

The only healthy pregnancy I've had (out of 3) had bleeding, brown and dischargy. I did head straight to my local EPU, which luckily is self refer and they scanned me straight away.
Good luck.

saltyair · 25/07/2010 13:07

How you doing today Jocesar?

WhatsWrongWithYou · 25/07/2010 13:16

What HairyTriangle said.

I'd had 3 mcs and 2 live births when I was pg with DS2, and got worried because the symptoms (feeling sick, sore boobs) suddenly stopped, which, for me, had always signalled a mc.

There was no messing around, I certainly didn't need to push, and was given a vaginal scan I think the next day.

I can't remember who I was referred by as it was 9 years ago, but I suspect I called the MWs in the first instance.

Don't hesitate to ask for this reassurance; when I looked a bit sheepish after my scan, the ultrasound operator said, 'don't worry, that's what we're here for, you needed your mind put at rest."

I hope you're as lucky as I was (in every way), but don't be scared to insist if you have to.

jocesar · 26/07/2010 19:18

Thanks for all your replies. It really helps to 'talk' to other people who know how I'm feeling. I actually had a positive weekend as there was no more discharge but this morning I passed a bit of black mucousy stuff so I don't hold out much hope. Went to see the GP this evening and have a scan early tomorrow- better to know for sure I guess but know I'm going to be gutted and frustrated about the fact there is nothing I can do about it.

OP posts:
threelittlepebbles · 26/07/2010 20:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

saltyair · 27/07/2010 10:59

Fingers crossed for you Jocesar - hope you are ok, whatever the news

jocesar · 27/07/2010 14:23


Don't really know whether it's good or bad news yet- I've started another thread about it as I want more info if possible.

The scan showed a live 9 week old foetus with heartbeat but with very little fluid around it. There was also a clot in the uterus (probably an implantation bleed) which they are not worried about- hence the discharge.

So I have been told the lack of fluid could rectify itself or it could be the foetus isn't going to last much longer. She wouldn't give me any clue as to which scenario was more likely but she didn't seem overly hopeful.

So it's back on board the rollercoaster for 2 wks until I have another scan.
Thanks for all your support- it really does make things easier to bear.

OP posts:
welshmummy2B · 04/08/2010 21:42

i wanted to thanks you for posting this thread, im going through the same thing now. ive had 2 MC one MMC and the other NMC, both very different sign i was miscarrying althought i did have very powerful dreams of nursing a baby girl in both pregnancies a few days before i miscarried (dont know if that was my bodies way of telling me)

as i was saying i had a bit of brownish discharge a few days after my period was due and i've had the odd light pink discharge this last week. i have an appointment on friday and i too am very worried.

wish you all the best tho and hopefully baby will be ok xxx

jocesar · 04/08/2010 22:27

Fingers crossed for you Welsh mummy. This waiting and not knowing and thinking the worst is hell. I'm counting the minutes down to my next scan (next Tues) and the time is going so slowly.

OP posts:
welshmummy2B · 05/08/2010 12:08

i agree with you there JOCESAR, the waiting is the worse part of it, the anticipation and not knowing drives you more insane than the actual miscarriage proccess. being confussed about wanting to be happy and excited and trying not to wind yourself up at the same time to avoid disapointment is so hard to do.

had a lot of pinky discharge this morning so wrang doctor back and he saw me today, told me he would book a scan for me and contact me today to tell me when ill be having it...still seems to be taking forever tho xx

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