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Relieved and confused ex molar/PCOS- what happened to me?

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MummyAbroad · 17/07/2010 03:03


I have posted a few threads on here before, the topics keep changing as my situation does! Has anyone been in a similar situation to mine, or have an opinion as to what the hell has been going on? Its a long story so only for those with time to kill..

I had a scan at 14 weeks which showed an embryo with no heartbeat. I found a doctor in Costa Rica, where I live, who was willing to do a medically managed treatment (I'd had an ERPC before and wanted to avoid it) It took 7 rounds of pessaries (very painful sessions) to remove the tissue. I kept spotting afterwards for about 9 weeks.

I changed doctors and as soon as he scanned me he told me there was STILL a small amount of tissue left. He used a suction device to get it out. He sent me to an endocrinologist who told me I had PCOS. I have NONE of the symptoms of this condition so I got a second opinion online and the doctor told me it was very unlikely.

Then I got scanned again a month later my doctor told me there was HUGE amounts of tissue and it looked like molar. I got xrayed and they found a lump on my lung which they thought was trophoblastic diseasee. I got in touch with specialists in the UK who reviewed my clinical notes and they agreed it looked like molar and that I would need chemotherapy. I had an ERPC and my HCG level dropped to zero within a few days, tissue was analysed and it was found NOT to be molar.

So what they hell happened? How did so much placental tissue regrow in the space of a month? What is the lump on my lung? (obviously I am going to get this checked) Why didnt my periods return? Are there any doctors who actually have answers or are they all just guessing what happens after a miscarriage?

Obviously I am very relieved to not have molar but now I am back to being confused and worried again. Are all miscarriages this crazy or is it just mine?

If you read this far, thanks!

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