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Feeling old, should I give up?

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spottysox · 15/07/2010 10:01

Second MC this year started yesterday at 8wks other at 10 wks, I knew it was coming as I had no symptoms. With my successful pg's I was sick from early on. I'm 42 and don't know if this is how it's going to continue, I get PG easily but then Mc. Has anyone gone on to have a success as an older mum after mc's? Is there any thing I can eat/take /do to help the pregnancy stick.

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thefatladyscreams · 15/07/2010 10:22

So sorry to hear about your m/c spottysox.

I'm 41 (42 later this year) and had a m/c last year at 10 weeks. I'm now 30 weeks pregnant so would definitely not give up trying. I used fertility acupuncture which I found massively helpful in getting my cycle back on track after my m/c.

I was told by a consultant that your chances of m/c go up to 50% at 42 - but hey that is still a 50% chance of it working out. I'd leap at a lottery ticket at those odds.

There is a great thread for those ttc in their 40s if you're not already on it.

spottysox · 15/07/2010 10:28

Thanks TFLS, I just posted on the 40's thread (spooky).

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thefatladyscreams · 15/07/2010 10:29

Glad you had just found it (was worried that you were a regular and I had fogotten your name - very likely at the moment! )

They are a great bunch.

jerzygurl · 28/07/2010 09:15

Hey Ladies
so happy to find someone who can relate!i posted on another place but people didnt seem so sympathetic to the age thing
Firstly..spotty im so sorry for your loss hun hug
After 19 yrs i fell pregnant again last year and mc in Aug ..i found out at the 12 week scan had died earlier on..i fell again this year and just mc again 8weeks ago
im 41...42 in Sept..and like you have no problem falling i just cant keep the baby fatlady said ( hey hun)...yes ricks increase over 40 ..but my two closest friends had babies near 40 so...n wasnt cherie blair 45?when she had hers?
i have high bloodpressure so thats a worry..but then i think had my other pregnances gone on i would of had to of coped with it and the nurse at the hsp first time was very blase about bp n that they could control it ..the doc however treated me like rubbish after the first mc..asking me did i really want it and my age etc..

Thefatlady...congrats hun and i wish you all the best in your pregnancy show us it can happen...have you had any problems?

jerzygurl · 28/07/2010 09:16

oh and imma try find the 40s thread {confused}

new here so taking a while to get hang of it all!

welshmummy2B · 04/08/2010 19:27

hi 21 (difference from 40 i know)have had 2 miscarriages (planned pregnancies) and to be honest with you i think age dont have much difference if you feel ready and able to have a baby then you should deffinately not give up (although being older id advise more rest/care when pregnant). if its what you want chase it while you still can...i hope you all the best in the future no matter what you decide xx

justonemorethen · 06/08/2010 21:28

I have just had an ectopic and had my tube removed. I think I have to accept that at 40 it may be over.
Don't think that MC means you have failed. It's your body on the case of sorting out the viable from the not.
I have a friend who is torn apart from MC throughout her early 40's, even now she hasn't come to terms with it (she's 47).
I think what I'm trying to say is that your future doesn't rest on this one thing however important it seems now. In ten years it will all be over and the fight over. There is a lot to live never know what will happen

elvislives · 08/08/2010 12:28

Bit late to this thread but I had 2 mmc at 42- first at 10-11 weeks and the next at 8 weeks.

DH wanted to give up (we already had 4 grownup children). I had my 2nd ERPC in March 2006 and my DD was born in March 2007, a couple of months before I turned 44.

jerzygurl · 10/08/2010 14:52

im strugglin with my two mcs. seems the worlds pregnant!
my grandson is 3 weeks older than my first loss would of been so thats hard.
and my sons gf is due 4 weeks after my second would of been due and to top it all off i found otu today my husbands brothers wife is due also 3 weeks after i would of been :(
i feel so so low today ..
i wonder should i go doctor has sent me to hosp to have blood tests done on day 2 and 2 was yesterday ...and hubby has to give a small donation ahem..
so we shall see..

hippychick66 · 14/08/2010 18:18

Hi, jersygurl the 40+ TTC thread is called - Ongoing and continuing conceptions and follicling ahead of Feisty, Fabulous Forty somethings. I've told 'em to shorten the name next time Grin. It's in the conception section.

elvislives Firstly, I agree Elvis is the King Smile wasn't he handsome when he was young?

Secondly, thanks so much for your story. I am about to turn 44 next week Angry and having had 2 MC's in the last 6 month I am wondering if I should keep trying to get a decent embryo. It was great to read that you had a success when you were my age (of course i do realise that I would be older still by the time I had the baby - but you know what i mean!)

It's such a hard decision whether to keep trying and risk more heart ache or stop with the two lovely DS's that we have (10 & 7). I think I will have to do the 'three strikes and your out' thing.

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