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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

is this still bleeding?

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skinnymalinkylonglegs · 14/07/2010 14:39

Hi everyone

I had a natural miscarriage last wednesday at 6 weeks. It came as a complete shock, as my first pregnancy was completely text-book - not one problem. Anyway, I just want to get on with things and get pregnant again - and from reading a few threads on here, it seems that quite a few folk fell pregnant again really quickly, which is really encouraging - but I'm worried that I haven't completely stopped bleeding yet. I still have a very light brown tinged mucus (sorry if that's TMI). Does this still count as bleeding, or am I ok to start having sex again?? Obvioulsy my concern is that if I haven't stopped bleeding properly, I may get an infection.

Thanks for any replies.

OP posts:
knackered76 · 14/07/2010 16:59

Sorry about your mc. I had a mmc week before last, complete shock as I've had 2 just fine! I haven't had a natural mc but was told when I went for my erpc to wait until I had stopped bleeding before having sex again. I'm not sure you'd get an infection but it might be worth waiting another day or two before trying again. Fingers crossed for next time

skinnymalinkylonglegs · 14/07/2010 20:06

Thanks knackered. So sorry to hear that. I just wasn't prepared for it at all - of all the things I'd been worrying about, miscarriage hadn't even really crossed my mind. Seems a bit daft now, since finding out about just how common they are. I think the only way I've been able to deal with it is just to think I'll try get pregnant again straight away - hence the question! Maybe best to leave it another day or so though.

OP posts:
hairytriangle · 14/07/2010 21:25

Hi Skinny so sorry for your loss. If I were you I'd use condoms until the spotting has stopped just in case.

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