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2.5 weeks post D&C, bleeding, +HPT

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banana87 · 14/07/2010 09:14

I am a little concerned.

I had a D&C 2.5 weeks ago (3 weeks Fri) and have been bleeding for 1.5 weeks, with clots and cramping. Took a HPT this morning and a strong +. I am due to see the consultant, what is he likely to do?

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EggsandBacon · 14/07/2010 14:13

Hi banana,

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage . I think the bleeding can go on a while, but maybe there is a chance that they didn't get everything - in which case they might (worst case scenario) want to do the procedure again.

I think the HPT can stay positive for sometime post mc as the hormones take a while to go, but again, it could be because the D&C wasn't complete. When are you going to see the consultant? Hope it gets sorted out really soon.


banana87 · 14/07/2010 19:47

Thanks E and B. I saw the consultant today. He wanted to do a scan, but they cant fit me in until Tues (partly because I am away from tomorrow-Mon) and then will see consultant again next Wed to decide what to do. He did reassure me that a positive HPT is normal, but from what I have read it should have gone by now...this sucks!

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