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Thought I was fine . . . .

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knackered76 · 14/07/2010 07:11

and then spent practically all night crying over the fact my DD has been split from her best friend at school (she is reception)! Had my erpc last week, bit of a cry at the time but nothing too much. Last night, buckets and buckets. I have the full on red eyes this morning and look like I've had a heavy night on the booze!

I love hormones!

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banana87 · 14/07/2010 09:15


sowhatis · 14/07/2010 09:24

so sorry knackered76, have also had a MC, and it does creep up on you at times, even when you think you are doing fine.

have a cry, you are 'allowed' - i never felt i was allowed, but did and felt better for it.

i hope the rest of today is a better day for you.


youremindmeofthebabe · 14/07/2010 13:12

I had my erpc, all ok, and then 3 days later was watching "where the wild things are" on dvd, and that was it. I cried buckets. Just couldn't stop.

((hugs)) for you though. It's pretty shit.

knackered76 · 14/07/2010 14:53

Thank you all. Went into school to ask about the split and then cried all over the teaching assistant . Think I should leave well enough alone and not mention the split to anyone else, it appears to send me into one!

OP posts:
RunDMC · 14/07/2010 18:27

aw knackered I know exactly what you mean. I burst into tears on Friday last week (2 days after ERPC) when someone called me from work who didn't know I was off. That was the rest of the day ruled out. I think you need the release that crying brings. Hope you feel better.

Loopymumsy · 14/07/2010 18:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

poppy34 · 14/07/2010 18:58

Aw knackered it is hard as you sort of brace yourself and it's the unexpected things that catch you. Am not looking forward as erpc next week (after two weeks already of waiting). I have been ok so far but know something will get to me

reallygrumpy · 14/07/2010 22:05

Hey knackered I feel just the same. I went back to work yesterday thinking I was ok and then ended up in the ladies in floods of tears at lunchtime today. It wasn't helped by having to go to boots at lunchtime to pick up a prescription and getting stuck in the queue behind a woman who was pregnant asking loads of ques about what she could and couldn't take, then she asked about being exempt from prescription charges and all I could think about was my exemption card sitting at home which I need to send back. I just feel like i'm not going to stop feeling sad until I get pregnant again. Take care of yourself

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