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lines fading

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freyski · 12/07/2010 19:58

Hi all. I know I am clutching at straws here but this will be my 4th MC and my third in seven months. I am 7 weeks pregnant I have had really strong symptoms and strong lines on pregnancy tests. On saturday my symptoms seemed to have disappeared. Having been here before, I knew this was a bad sign. I did a test yesterday and the line has faded a lot. I did another this morning using FMU and the positive lines was barely there. I am booked for a scan on Thursday. Could the line have faded for any other reason.....just searching for some hope before I have to face the loss again.

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kingfix · 13/07/2010 19:33

don't know I'm afraid, just feeling sympathetic: I'm 5 weeks and spotting so also in that horrible phase - don't know for sure it's another mc but fearing it is. Good luck for you

freyski · 13/07/2010 20:06

thanks for your message. Really hope you hsve good news too

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kingfix · 14/07/2010 17:35

Any news? I'm still waiting.

PandaEis · 14/07/2010 17:49


sorry to hear you are in this horrible limbo the only advice i can give is please stop testing. levels can fluctuate and you need to have held FMU for at least 8 hours for levels to be high.

i have had 7MCs the most recent being last tuesday and it does no good testing all the time. it wont change anything and just adds to the worry.

good luck and keep us posted x

kingfix · 14/07/2010 18:57

sorry to hear about your MCs, Panda.

freyski · 14/07/2010 19:56

PandaEis - really sorry to read about your losses. You are right about my need to stop testing. I think the last couple of weeks I have sent myself nuts constantly knicker checking and testing. I have a scan booked tomorow at 10.30am. Am trying to prepare myself for the worst but cant help clinging to the last shreads of hope. I am dreading the time I have to lie on the scanning table and stare at that blank screen. Thanks for your advice.

Kingfix - hope you have some good news soon.

OP posts:
kingfix · 14/07/2010 20:47

Oh good luck with the scan, I really hope it is good news for you.

kingfix · 15/07/2010 12:16

Clutching at straws: I'm really bleeding now but somehow hoping, I don't know what.
Any better news for you freyski?

freyski · 15/07/2010 21:20

Had the scan today and we saw a baby and a heart beat! I can hardly believe it. Trying to keep my feet on the ground but am so relieved. Have taken the advice and got rid of any tests. Sorry to hear your bleeding has got heavier. Really hoping that it all turns out ok. {{hug))

OP posts:
PandaEis · 15/07/2010 21:56

brilliant news for you freyski congrats!

kingfix sorry to hear you are bleeding hope you are feeling ok and all is not lost xx

Haliborange · 15/07/2010 22:01

I was keeping a vague eye on this thread and hoping you would be ok, Freyski. So glad you had a good scan. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy - worrying won't help and IME it really takes the shine off things.

Ei - sorry to hear about another mc, I hope you're ok. (tis me, Mrs H, btw).

kingfix · 16/07/2010 10:13

freyski -brilliant news! Hope you can relax and enjoy it from here.
I am miscarrying. I'm sad but at least the waiting is over.

PandaEis · 16/07/2010 14:34

sorry to hear you are definitely MC kingfix i hope you are doing ok xx

haliborange hope you are ok long time no speak!! hows things with you??

freyski · 16/07/2010 21:54

Kingfix so sorry to hear that you are miscarrying. Hope you are able to find some peace soon.

OP posts:
kingfix · 17/07/2010 09:42

Thanks. I'll clamber back into the ttc ring when I've cheered up a bit.

rainbowdays · 17/07/2010 22:42

Sorry to invade your thread freyski - I was going to come and say that sometimes as hormone levels increase, tests can become unreiable as they become negative due to not being able to process high levels of hormones. Congratulations anyway on the wonderful scan.

Pandaeis - if you read this, sorry to hear you have m/c again. I have too this week. I have been wondering how you were, but reading here, tells me. take care.

freyski · 18/07/2010 21:51

Thanks Rainbow for your reply. Sorry to hear about your loss this week

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