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Who2please · 06/02/2017 00:15

Hello, this is a desperate cry for some advice. My dd (only child) has got an 11+ offer from Guildford High School (GHS) & Marymount International (M.I). M.I was my first choice all along as I have great belief in the International Baccalaureate (I.B) education system which is offered at Marymount. It produces a more well rounded child who is able to transit into university without much difficulty. HOWEVER I do also understand that Guildford is a very reputable academic school. My dd loves both schools & can't make up her mind. Her present school has adviced me that Guildford would be the best fit for her & that dd is type of child that performs at her optimum when she is challenged by other bright students. This I must say is true. DD is top 3 pupil in her all girl school. Her strength is science & maths. I am so uncertain about my decision because I know at M.I she will be the 'smart' one & maybe get complacent without having the competition to keep her challenged. However, what I do know which ever school she does go to eventually,she will be happy there.

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Orangebird69 · 06/02/2017 00:36

I teach IB Maths (at diploma level...). I've also taught Cambridge, Ed Exel and Gynasium (German curriculum) at international schools. I would go for GHS. I personally don't see the benefit of IB at MYP. Do you think your daughter will have a firm idea of what she would like to study at university by the time she starts A levels/IBDP stage?

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