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Almost 40 and need a change from Mortgages - advice please?

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Mrsg26 · 13/05/2023 16:57

I am a whole of market mortgage broker, having done so for 6 years and worked in a bank for 15 years prior to that. So, my career has always been in financial services. Due to all the changes in the mortgage market and rising interest rates it’s getting harder to do my job, and I am finding myself unfulfilled, working extremely long hours with little time left to spend with my teenage daughter & wider family on weekends as I am always catching up on case admin and emails.

Not long after my daughter was born I went back to college & uni and worked part time in the bank and got a ba (hons) degree in social policy and sociology with the view to getting into teaching, but sadly my husband died 5 months after I graduated and as I was a widow at 29 with a 5 year old to support I couldn’t go back and do my PGDE & just kept on working full time at the bank, in protection sales roles and eventually moved into mortgage adviser roles.

So, now as im approaching 40, I am
considering a change but I am
not sure what I should be looking at. I am
frazzled, burn out and just not enjoying life as work completely takes over. I was in the office until 11pm on Thursday night as I have a hectic case load and have no admin support and as the only female broker in the team I feel undervalued. I also feel like my bosses would like me to leave to bring in a much younger and cheaper trainee as there has been several conversations around my salary being higher than the other brokers. (Which is what they offered me 3 years ago when I joined after rejecting their intial offer)

So I just feel a bit stuck right now, I don’t have any friends at work to confide in as it’s mostly males and a small firm and whilst I know I am excellent at mortgages I just do not know what else I can do. I’ve spoken to recruiters and they just point me in the direction of other mortgage jobs and it’s just the same role with different bosses.

I did consider retraining in HR but realistically I couldn’t take a huge pay cut for entry level HR positions as I have a big mortgage so just feel a bit stuck. Has anyone moved on from financial services and tell me what they’ve moved on to or point me in the direction of who I should be speaking to for advice? Just feel a bit lost now.

(thanks if you made it this far)

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SurpriseSparDay · 14/05/2023 15:29

I would definitely suggest a very good career advice service. It won’t be cheap but should be a good investment.

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