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Mature study and retraining

Retraining to be a teacher

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BlastedPimples · 10/05/2023 06:43

I'm applying for the iQTS and PGCE as I live abroad. English is my first degree.

I'm hoping to get a part time placement in one of the two international schools here.

It could be an unpaid placement for two years or I could ask for it to be paid. Both options are on the course I'm applying for. I really hope they accept me.

I am nervous and anxious about all this.

I'm stuck with my personal statement. I've never written one before. How long should it be and what are the must haves in it, please?

Also what should I say in my letter to the schools? Big up that I'm offering a spare pair of hands for free or should I try for a paid placement?

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BlastedPimples · 10/05/2023 06:43

I would dearly appreciate any help.

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BritInAus · 10/05/2023 08:57

Absolutely try to get a paid position first. If no luck, then perhaps volunteer. But if being paid is an option, why not attempt that first?
Sorry can't help on the personal statement. Surely there's some examples if you google?


BlastedPimples · 10/05/2023 09:28

Yes there are loads of examples on google. I am so under confident though and need to find a way to stand out.

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