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University of London - fees department contact number

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TellySavalashairbrush · 26/04/2023 20:01

Can anyone help with this random request. DH is a mature online student with University of London and they have made a big mess in relation to the payment of his fees which has resulted in him not being able to register for his latest module (it started 2 weeks ago) he has been pushed from pillow to post and just can’t get to speak to anyone who can sort the issue out. Ideally he needs to speak to the fees department but has been told there is no direct number, just a general enquiries line (which he has already rung 3 times) . Student finance England are saying it’s not their problem. Any help gratefully received.

OP posts:

MetaDaughter · 02/05/2023 08:43

What a nightmare. But does he not have a head of department, or an assigned tutor who can cut through this nonsense and direct him to the right person? (I know academic staff won’t help with the issue, but they should be able to ensure he gets to the person who can.)


SmiteTheeWithThunderbolts · 04/05/2023 13:03

Has he got it sorted now, @TellySavalashairbrush?

They may be operating the enquiry line as a hub for all student-related enquiries ('first line support'), with no way for students to speak directly to the teams that actually do the processes.

If it's still unresolved, suggest that he contacts the Vice Chancellor's office and ask them to identify and delegate to the relevant manager. It's amazing how quickly people jump to attention when they're asked to do something by the VC's PA!

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