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Marking boycott

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PassMeTheBlanket · 21/04/2023 08:11

Received an e-mail the other day. Apparently lecturers are striking again, this time boycotting all marking. Started yesterday and to last until 30th September.

I'm feeling really deflated. I'm in my final year, dissertation due April 28th. The last few years have been such a slog. Covid, the strikes... including personal stuff such as my mum's cancer and partner's MS diagnosis.

I agree that HE staff conditions aren't great. I know it sounds selfish but I just feel like all my hard work so far is for nothing.

Does anyone know what a marking boycott might mean for third year students? A later mark and final grade? An average of the modules taken so far? Trying really hard to be positive!

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PassMeTheBlanket · 21/04/2023 08:13

Just to add that I have e-mailed my dissertation supervisor for further clarification. However, she's currently on research leave!

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HidingBehindABigRock · 21/04/2023 09:00

As I understand it not all staff strike so you may be unaffected. Also what is your university's position on the strikers? Mine will be docking 50% pay so that will likely impact uptake.

I have sympathy for the strikers and their working conditions, but ultimately I can't see how their demands will be met without increased fees or a radical overhaul of the university system. That may need to happen ...


PassMeTheBlanket · 21/04/2023 09:28

@HidingBehindABigRock I'll be honest, I have absolutely no idea! I'm not sure that the lecturers are fully sure of how the boycott is being implemented. A fellow student contacted her supervisor, and he replied that he didn't know what the impact on the modules would be either! Obviously this has made us more nervous.

I agree that things need to change for them. I see how the nurses/junior doctors/teachers are being treated at the moment, too. It's quite obvious that the government doesn't care. God knows what'll have to happen!

OP posts:

Edmontine · 22/04/2023 13:19

So stressful for you! Hope you get some sort of answer soon.

I think it’s unlikely you’ll be materially disadvantaged by the marking disruption, but I’ve no idea how things will unfold.

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