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Low-carb diets

do smoothie diets work?!

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suzan4994 · 03/12/2022 19:16

Soo.. I'm struggling on trying to keep up on a diet.. and I heard about this smoothie diet.. she told me it helped her lost about 10 kilos in about one month! I am intrigued to try it but I am afraid it might affect my health in a bad way, because I have had bad health history with these types of diets. My friend is feeling very healthy and energetic and is advising me to try it.. any thoughts?

OP posts:
BatshitandBonkers · 03/12/2022 20:30

My thought are that if you struggle to stay on a diet, where you can eat actual food, there is no way you will stick to nothing but smoothies because you will feel unfulfilled, hungry and miserable. Also those 10 kilos she lost will be straight back on as soon as she starts eating food again regularly.

Dieting is the worst, high fibre and high protein is filling and can stop you mindlessly eating, that might be worth a go?

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