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Low-carb diets

Ideas for camping - veggie

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Worldgonecrazy · 21/06/2022 09:57

Does anyone have any ideas or inspiration for low carb recipes for camping? I used to default to bean stews or pasta.

so far I have keto pancakes for breakfast and halloumi kebabs with orange salad for one meal.

OH has suggested salads but I like a hot meal when I’m camping. We don’t eat fake meat so that is another layer of difficulty.


OP posts:
SausageAndCash · 21/06/2022 09:59

What do you usually eat when not camping?

Worldgonecrazy · 21/06/2022 10:05

Roast vegetables with zoodles.
Halloumi kebabs
Roasted aubergine with salad
Baked feta with salad
stuffed peppers with cauliflower rice

most things require a degree of preparation which I’m trying to avoid.

OP posts:
SausageAndCash · 21/06/2022 19:29

Take a prepared frozen curry for days 1 and 2.

Roast veg by chopping them up, putting them in a parcel of foil with olive oil, garlic, herbs, and cooking on a low heat BBQ with the lid on. Make sure the parcel of foil isn’t tightly wrapped, leave space above, but is well folded over and sealed.

BBQ slices of aubergine.

Find a BBQ wok. Waitrose etc often sell them much cheaper than this

They are good for ‘stir frying’ things like mushrooms over the bbq. You could cook cauliflower like that too.

Bake feta in a foil parcel (oiled) over the bbq.

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