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Low-carb diets

How much weight do you lose each week?

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stridesy · 25/11/2021 20:51

I’m currently on slimming world and have so far lost 4 stone. I want to lose 11lbs before Xmas to get to a healthy bmi and was wondering about keto and weather it was worth doing even in the short term. I currently lose about 2lbs a week so wanted to know if I could lose more on keto.

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WineGetsMeThroughIt · 13/12/2021 17:46

I lost 6.5lbs during my first week of Keto. Have now lost a total of 45lbs in 10 months and still losing (slowly now!) even though I'm 10lbs below my goal weight. I'm now 8.5st and lose about 2lbs a month.

You'll lose a lot of water weight during your first week on Keto because on average for every gram of carb you eat your body retains 3g of water. But with every gram of protein you eat, your body retains 1g of water. So when you remove the carbs you get rid of a lot of excess water that you hold.

It's not a quick fix though! The moment you start eating carbs again and kick yourself out of Ketosis you will gain some of that water weight back.

I followed a woman in IG who went on holiday with her family for a week. She ate and indulged on fish and chips and ice cream and everything her family were eating. She gained 12lbs in a week!! Took her 2.5 weeks to lose it all again

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