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Low-carb diets

Low carb soup recipes

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MarciaMarciaMarcia · 10/11/2021 04:16

With the weather changing and the clocks going back, I am always cold. I was thinking of making more soups for dinner and am looking for new recipes. I would be grateful if you could share your favorites. Thanks so much!

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Smorgasborb · 10/11/2021 04:52

Chicken in tomato
Broccoli and Stilton
Cauliflower and cheddar

MarciaMarciaMarcia · 10/11/2021 05:07

Thanks for the ideas! I am not a huge fan of broccoli but Cheddar and cauliflower sounds delicious!

OP posts:
Smorgasborb · 10/11/2021 09:01

Oh. How could I forget fish soup. Smoked fish in a garlicky, winey, creamy stock. Add Swede, celeriac, or cauli and peas and onions. Delish!

MarciaMarciaMarcia · 10/11/2021 16:29

That sounds amazing, I am off wine for a hit, but as soon as I am drinking again, I will try that. Thanks

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KeyLimePies · 20/11/2021 13:12

This is a delicious recipe from Lindsey Bareham for an Italian cauliflower cheese soup:

Low carb soup recipes
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