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Low-carb diets

Low carb or low cal

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Feckinlego · 12/06/2021 18:35

I started low carving a few days ago and find it suits me. However, I've just been for an assessment at the gym and they're recommending low cal, 1300 to 1600 per day. Surely low carbing goes over this with all the fat? So which is best? Or do I need to do both? Any clarity on this would be appreciated!

OP posts:
ButtercupSquash · 12/06/2021 21:01

Well, I think calories expended have to exceed calories consumed or you don’t lose weight
If low carb is the easiest way for you to reduce your calorie intake, then stick with it.
It doesn’t have to mean eating much fat, though so I’m sure you could find a low carb diet that fulfills the 1300 calorie intake if you wanted. If it works without calorie counting, though I’d probably not worry about numbers.

Herecomesanothernamechange · 12/06/2021 21:02

I imagine as you have gone to the gym they recommend reducing overall calories and keeping carbs because

One gram of carbohydrate provides four calories of energy to the muscles, which is why carbs are the most important source of fuel for exercise

Fwiw I’ve lost 3 stone by doing low cal & logging everything I eat on My Fitness Pal but I know someone who was doing keto, so low carb & eating (obviously too much) fat, who sent their cholesterol up to 12.9. It triggered a review by a hospital consultant as it had gone that high within 4 months!

NCnotmyusualone · 13/06/2021 09:51

Personally I’d say go with the very low carb diet. It’s worked really well for me and my DH (and has helped my crohns arthritis which was the reason I started). My weight loss does stall if I go over around 1800 calories too many days in a row (his weight loss has been independent of calorie counting), so it varies from person to person. You do actually find that your calorie intake becomes limited naturally, as this way of eating really reduces your feeling of hunger (I don’t get the munchies now, whereas I always used to, constantly!). The best thing is it doesn’t feel like dieting, or make you sad like calorie counting can (tried it and failed many times).

springblossom2 · 13/06/2021 09:56

Stick with the low carb. I started at 12 1/2 stone, now weigh 9 1/2 stone and have kept the weight off for 2 years. I have chosen to eat low carb permanently as I'm prediabetic and have rheiumatoid arthritis.

I exercise daily too and never count calories.

Feckinlego · 13/06/2021 11:15

Thanks for all your replies. 1300 cals is just too low, I know I won't stick it. Im interested to see if low carbing will reduce my appetite as I'm always hungry about 2 hours after every meal. How long on low carb does it take to reduce appetite roughly?

OP posts:
BIWI · 18/06/2021 17:13

It should kick in after around a week or ten days. The reason it suppresses your appetite is that you're keeping your key hormones (insulin, leptin and grehlin - and a few others I can't remember the name of!) in balance. Hunger - at least in the Western world - isn't about an empty stomach, but it's about our hormones.

Eating a lot of carbohydrate produces much more insulin, so sends everything out of whack.

I'd definitely not count calories - a calorie is not a calorie is not a calorie! A calorie of carbs has much more of an impact on your blood sugars than a calorie of fat.

The gym will just be giving you standard, out-of-date advice. If they try to tell you that you need carbs for energy, that simply isn't true. Once your body has transitioned from burning carbs for fuel to burning fat (should happen in around 2+ weeks), then you'll have plenty of energy. Even endurance athletes have enough body fat to fuel them! Just a note - you may feel a bit lethargic and lacking in energy to start with - this is while you transition from carbs to fat - but you'll soon feel much better.

DeeCeeCherry · 18/06/2021 17:24

Im interested to see if low carbing will reduce my appetite as I'm always hungry about 2 hours after every meal. How long on low carb does it take to reduce appetite roughly?

OP I've been low carbing for 1 year and will stick to it for life. I'm a foodie with a tendency to graze. 1 hour after a meal I'd want snacks.

Low-carbing has cut my appetite completely. I noticed the effect within 2-3 weeks. I don't snack, and I eat every 6 hours or so. & I'm someone who's always had a huge appetite, who thought they'd never be able to give up bread too.

I don't count calories, I exercise daily at home for 30 minutes or so (not always in one go) and maintain my weight just fine.

passmethemilk · 18/06/2021 18:21

Interesting thread.
What is everyone eating instead of carbs but still keeping healthy?

BIWI · 18/06/2021 18:38

You still eat carbs on a low carb diet - but the focus is on vegetables and salad and (some) fruit, instead of pasta/rice/bread/potatoes.

With more veg, it's definitely a way of eating more healthily!

Girlintheframe · 19/06/2021 11:56

If your into cooking there is lots you can make. I make granola, pancakes, crepes, naan, carrot cake etc
Cauliflower rice (done in the food processor with fresh cauliflower, not the frozen stuff) has been revolutionary! I put pilau seasoning on it or make fried rice with it.
A lot of the time though we will have simple things like fish and veg with olive oil or chicken breast with a cream sauce
Celeriac chips are great too.

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