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Low-carb diets

What can I do differently next time

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LucyLatimer · 26/03/2021 07:06

I’m 6 weeks into a low carb diet, and apart from one cheat meal a couple of weeks ago have kept my carbs under 20g and protein under 75, tracking macros every day in the keto app. I’m planning to take a break for Easter and then come back and try again. I felt good for the first month but now my sleep is terrible and I feel tired and constipated and haven’t lost for a while. I try to get as much green veg and mushrooms in as I can with the extra fat and also drink my water. I have been trying fybogel and macrogol to try and ease the constipation. I think I’m perimenopausal, which probably doesn’t help. I just don’t feel good and want to stop for a while, but still need to get on and lose a couple more stone. What can I do differently next time? Keto has worked well for me in the past, and I have enjoyed the energy and lack of hunger.

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VenetoResident · 29/03/2021 21:32

High dose vitamin C works in a similar way to a macrogol drink.

Girlintheframe · 31/03/2021 08:10

I take phyllium husk tablets as I struggle with constipation too. They are cheap and really work for me.
Sleep I'm not sure. My sleep went to pot when I was peri too. My only tips would be hrt, keep your room on the cooler side and practice good sleep hygiene.

RagzReturnsRebooted · 31/03/2021 23:29

Having carbs too low (keto low) doesn't suit everyone. If you're getting enough veg it would be hard to stay under 20g all the time. I found I felt tired and cold, grumpy and headachey (I have an underactive thyroid anyway) when I had my carbs too low, increased them a bit and feel much better. I mostly increased by having slightly carbier veg or more veg in general (rather than a big bowl of pork belly for lunch!) and the odd low carb dessert/cake.
I feel considerably better for it and my carbs are still usually around 30g sometimes up to 40g a day. I don't always count but sometimes work it out to see where I am.

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