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Low-carb diets

Are we doing something wrong?!

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sausageface · 04/02/2021 08:47

Hey! My. Husband and I started keto/low carb eating nearly 4 weeks ago now. On the whole it's going great but my husband is feeling a bit deflated. Over The first 2 weeks he lost around 14/15 lbs all together, fantastic! But week 3 he stayed the same and a mid week check now is showing only another 1lb, if that. I have lost more than him now in this time so the direct comparison is hard I guess.

I've explained that he needs to stick it out and give his body time to catch up with itself but when we have a lot to lose I think it was unexpected for him. Can anyone explain if I am in-fact correct and it'll catch up or is he doing something wrong? I will add incase it's relevant that for the second half of last year he was on chemotherapy, finishing at the end of December, with a poor diet (craving all the carbs and sugar!) and was basically housebound due to shielding and covid, he gained a lot of weight in this time too. My assumption is his metabolism needs to wake up again but any advice would be great.

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AfterSchoolWorry · 04/02/2021 08:49

Macros ?

I never got around to working them out.

Martinisarebetterdirty · 04/02/2021 08:55

Read BIWIs boot camp threads, weeks 3 and 4 of low carb are notorious for not loosing any weight. Low carving isn’t a linear weight loss programme, you get whooshes of losses. And if you look at it, he’s lost a stone in a month! How amazing.

sausageface · 04/02/2021 22:17

Thank you for the responses! I did remind him that it's 1 stone in a month but after gaining lots during chemo I think he was expecting more initially. I'll read the boot camp and great to hear that 3 and 4 weeks are usually like this.

We don't do macros. Of course we will if it comes to it but right now I think if we don't have to then we wont. Too much thinking about it could throw him off!

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BIWI · 09/02/2021 10:55

@Martinisarebetterdirty is right! Weeks 3 and 4 (and sometimes even 5) are notorious for little or no weight loss - sometimes even a gain.

Your initial weight loss is great - and shows you that it's obviously working for you! Just keep on keeping on, and the scales will start to move again.

Cormoran · 20/02/2021 07:11

@sausageface if fresh from chemo and cancer treatment, I would be careful in what you eat, because if you cut carb out, many see that as a free card for a lot of protein, usual animal protein, and studies have shown that it increase by several folds the risk of cancer.
Keto high fat low protein would be safer, but of course, very limiting.

Has he considered a high vegetables anti cancer diet instead? High diversity and high volumes of vegetables would also bring his weight down given his recent health issues.

sausageface · 21/02/2021 12:22

Thanks for your concern @Cormoran. We did a lot of research about cancer/cancer triggers when he was first diagnosed (I guess everyone diagnosed does this during those awful early days!) and read a lot about processed meat and red meat links with cancer. We are very careful with our intake of these now and have drastically reduced our intake since diagnosis.
His was blood cancer and all the consultants have told us that it was not caused by lifestyle, he was just unlucky.

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