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Low-carb diets

Can I Keto if Vegetarian?

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BoobyBetty22 · 10/01/2021 15:44

I’m contemplating Keto diet.has anyone been successful if they are vegetarian ? 🌱

OP posts:
Girlintheframe · 18/01/2021 05:42

I'm not vegetarian but diet doctor has info about vegetarian keto

Mrbob · 18/01/2021 05:44

I did it! You just have to not have too much cheese to keep under the fat and calorie content. Leafy vegetables are your friend... And zucchini noodles

FigDate · 23/01/2021 06:51

Yes, I lost 4 stone on it as a veggie. Eating low carb veg, loads of eggs, some Quorn products (check the carbs if pack), cream, cheese, olive oil, avocados, olives, nuts, a few berries, almond milk, coconut soya yoghurt.
They recommend you start on phase two so you can include nuts and berries from the start for veggies. There is no fat limit or calorie limit. You only count carbs. You can set your carb level according to how fast you want to lose the weight. Most start at 20 or 40 grams a day.
This way if eating turns the old food pyramid on its head. You eat high fat, moderate protein and low carb. You need to try to get most of you fat from good fat sources eg olive oil, avocado, nuts, olives. Avoid trans fats. You can also have saturated fat in butter, cream and cheese. The fat in your diet encourages your body to use your body fat as it’s main fuel and not carbs in your diet. You need to drink lots of water. I drink a lot of camomile tea.

FigDate · 23/01/2021 06:55

Sorry should have said I follow Atkins. Which is one of the oldest keto diets around.

Passionfruitpizza · 20/02/2021 08:46

I'm veggie and was doing keto pre pregnancy. I'm working my way back now. If you eat dairy and eggs it's not hard. Nuts and seeds, low carb vegetables, eggs, avocado, lots of cheese, olive oil.

Hoppinggreen · 05/03/2021 21:41

DH has lost 3 stone on Keto.
He isn’t actually a vegetarian but we rarely eat meat so he’s done it while 90% veggie
Lots of curries and stir fries.

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