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Low-carb diets

Under 100g a day?

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SecretSquirreI · 13/07/2020 07:36

I've started to do this to help my weight loss and because I'm a carb fiend.

Working really well so far and helping me lose weight and starting to feel healthier and slimmer.

Wondering if anyone else does the same and would love to hear some of your favourite breakfasts and lunches. X

OP posts:
Anotherthink · 17/07/2020 21:19

Just started and foods are a bit random at the moment. I've had tinned mackerel, spinach leaves, cheese and ham for lunch today. It was actually really tasty. Plan to rotate between that and eggs for now as my lunches are always samey. Found a few soup recipes that look good but im not sure I could eat it without missing the buttery bread too much.

NoraEphronsneck · 17/07/2020 21:36

Have a look at the lc bootcamp threads. They have recipes attached.

I'm following it and have lost 22lbs in 7 weeks.

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