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Low-carb diets

Anyone else sick of low carb questions?

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jaxhwc · 18/09/2018 20:13

I've been doing low carb on and off for a couple of years now and I'm so sick of the 'haters'. My DH, "fat is bad, are you really going to eat all that fat? There's no way you'll lose weight eating all that fat" my DM, " but grains are good for you, what about the Italians? They eat pasta and bread and their diet is healthy, you'd think if they were bad for you we wouldn't have eaten them all this time. You're not eating breakfast!? You're supposed to eat 3 meals a day" ugh!! I'm so sick of it, still after seeing me lose weight and feeling much better and me presenting all the research I can.

Does anyone else get this?

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PamPooveysCow · 20/09/2018 20:06

All the time! I just smile and say 'you're probably right' Smile

Strange how when I was stuffing my face with carbs and fat, no one said anything.

Ragwort · 20/09/2018 20:09

My DH used to say the same, until he couldn't deny the evidence when I lost 2 stone.
Just learn to smile and nod, and lie if you need to 'thanks for asking, yes I had breakfast earlier'.

jaxhwc · 21/09/2018 06:46

Glad it's not just me. Yes quite true pam

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