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Low-carb diets

Starting weight 9st 8lbs

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Allornothing10 · 01/08/2018 19:56

Hi all
After alot of deciding which diet I think I would stick to more easily, I've decided to do a low carb diet.
I'm a mum of one (2.5yrs) and I was 8st when I fell pregnant and gained nearly 4 stone by the end, I'm currently 9st 8lbs and would like to drop 10lbs.
Il post daily what I've eaten and if or what exercise I've done, have a dvd which I know won't be everyday lol especially on work days but I aim to take hour long walk on the days I can in the morning and do my dvd where possible.
Sounding optimistic but if anyone would like to tag along and share their results too that would be great! Always nice to have a little motivation and also any tips are welcome :)
Wish me luck I shall weigh in each week and share the he results.

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