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Low-carb diets

Is a low carb diet realistic to do long term?

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OnePotato2Potato · 17/07/2018 19:56


I'm after some advice and clarification please.

From my understanding the low carb diet involves eating lots of protein and fat to keep you feeling full and a small amount of carbs. I'm just trying to figure out if it's a way of eating that can be continued long term and that if you do start eating more carbs again do you end up putting on weight terribly?

Thank you

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NotMeNoNo · 17/07/2018 20:10

I have only been doing it 8 months (Blood sugar diet) but no intention of stopping as I feel x 100 healthier. Loads of vegetables and unprocessed food. Why would you not want to eat that? When I get to the weight I want I expect I'll start eating bread/wholegrains/wider range of fruit but not to excess hopefully. And not need to worry about the odd party or take away.

I did put on a couple of pounds after a stressful week or two of binging on toast and biscuits recently so maybe that's my answer.

OnePotato2Potato · 17/07/2018 20:21

Thanks for replying. Sounds great when you put it like that! Is the blood sugar diet a specific type of low carb diet by the way?

OP posts:
NotMeNoNo · 17/07/2018 21:46

Yes there is a thread in fasting/5:2. A lot of people' have done it, I'm on a FB group of 18k members! It's famous as the diet that turns Type 2 diabetes around but worked for me just to lose weight.

A MN thread on "what do slim people eat" put me onto it last year.

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