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Low-carb diets

Getting a bit down hearted

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GoldenGumballs · 01/07/2018 09:57

Wondered if anyone could help. I’ve been following LCHF for 3 weeks after a year of low fat dieting ( which didn’t go well!). I lost about 4lbs in the 1st 4 days but now I seem stuck fluctuating between the same 1lb. I feel much healthier and my clothes fit better but the scales aren’t moving downwards. I’m going away in 6wks and just feel a bit stuck. I’ve low carbed b4 so know the rules but it’s weird this time. Any ideas??

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BarbaraWarpecker · 02/07/2018 10:38

How low is your carb intake?

GoldenGumballs · 02/07/2018 13:09

As low as I did last time & the weight dropped off. Just wondered whether metabolism a bit confused as switched from slimming world.

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