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Low-carb diets

Help please BIWI!

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bridgetosomewhere · 22/05/2018 20:46

So...dh and I have been low carbing for about three weeks. I have lost half a stone but dh has barely shifted.

We’ve both been drinking water, eating well and cutting out rubbish. No pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, cereal etc.
Dh mainly lived on sandwiches crisps and crap due to his shifts. So it’s been packed lunches, frittata, salad, chicken etc

Mainly eating salads this last week and bbq due to the nice weather. Otherwise meat, roasted veg, cheese, eggs

Dh sugar levels are really coming down in a big way which is excellent and he is looking much thinner - stomach and face etc. His jeans are much looser.

But when he steps on the scales he hasn’t lost any weight. What’s going on?!

biwi or other knowledgeable folk do you have any clues? Or things I should be doing for him? He has about 1.5 stone to lose

Thanks Smile

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bridgetosomewhere · 23/05/2018 17:39


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Soontobemumof4 · 23/05/2018 20:12

It sometimes takes a few weeks to show, I'll have periods of my weight not shifting and then all of a sudden the scales will drop. If he's looking to have lost weight definately stick at it Smile

bridgetosomewhere · 23/05/2018 21:44

Thanks. He’s doing well but I think some action on the scales would spur him on!

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thechocman · 24/05/2018 08:09

Does he count calories? How much water is he drinking? You're on the right path, you have lost weight and he has lost weight visibly. The scale can be cruel at times, undermining what good work we do when we lose weight.

I'd track calories, just to see how much food he's actually getting (Use myfitnesspal), make sure water intake is good (if he has water retention the best way to get rid of it is to actually drink more water) and as a visual indicator, take photos and maybe even measure himself.

You want as many ways possible that show he's loosing weight without being attached to the scale. The numbers will go down eventually

thechocman · 24/05/2018 08:10

Losing weight.........not loosing shakes head lol

bridgetosomewhere · 24/05/2018 10:25

I think he is drinking about 1.5litres a day. He can’t really drink much more as he’s on the road all day and can’t keep stopping for the toilet! Plus if he’s at an accident he can’t really leave them to it!

I’ll get his to measure his waist etc that’s a great idea.

It is hard to keep motivated I guess if the scales aren’t going down!! Will keep encouraging him

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freezerfoodyum · 24/05/2018 10:28

Personally I'd be tracking calories and watching my portion sizes if I were him. He won't be losing weight regardless of what he's eating if he's taking in more calories than he's burning off, though I do think low carbing helps with bloating etc.

thechocman · 24/05/2018 11:07

1.5 litres A DAY!!?? Lol seriously that is way too low when doing low carb. Your body flushes out a ton of magnesium, potassium and sodium. I wouldn't be surprised if he's dehydrated and lacking in electrolytes (they are so important on low carb). Honestly think he should be drinking 2-3 litres at least.

bridgetosomewhere · 24/05/2018 15:59

Okay he’s maybe eating too much I will reduce portion sizes thank you

I can’t get him to drink any more during the day unfortunately as I said his job just won’t allow it but when he is home I’ll push more water down him!

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thechocman · 24/05/2018 16:18

That's fine. Doesn't need to drink too much on the road but get that water down his throat when he's at home lol.

bridgetosomewhere · 25/05/2018 12:07

Down half a stone now! Progress!

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Soontobemumof4 · 25/05/2018 21:32

That's fab!! Is that in the last couple of days after drinking more?

bridgetosomewhere · 26/05/2018 12:34

Yes definitely drinking more water has helped. Thanks x

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Xenia · 29/05/2018 20:15

May be just try eating once a day once work is finished.
And watch The Magic Pill on Netflix. It's good.

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