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Low-carb diets

Anyone tried the keto diet because of IBS?

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Nobra2matchmypanties · 13/05/2018 10:09

For years I've put up with bloating after I ate and it was really hard isolating the trigger. It never occurred to me that it could be carbs themselves that were guilty. Anyway, since switching to a zero carb diet (just bacon, eggs and broccoli) my symptoms of IBS seem greatly reduced.

Carbs are extremely insidious and are everywhere, if you're out and about and fancy a snack its almost impossible to avoid them. Often when people suffer from IBS, medical professionals are unable to give them an actual cause and I'm wondering how many people who have bloating would benefit from the keto diet.

Also, because I only eat the same thing, its minimized the amount of time I have to spend in the kitchen.

Tl;dr Keto diet is awesome (for me anyway)

OP posts:
OliviaBenson · 13/05/2018 10:10

You only eat those three things? That's surely not healthy or sustainable surely?

Nobra2matchmypanties · 13/05/2018 10:12

Its fine, there are lots of people who do the same.

OP posts:
NolimitsSarah · 13/05/2018 12:05

Doesnt broccoli affect ibs? Gas?

OliviaBenson · 13/05/2018 14:21

It’s really not fine to eat just those 3 foods, you won’t get the amounts of vitamins and minerals required.

LadyOfTheCanyon · 14/05/2018 08:47

Keto needs more fat than you're getting with that diet I would have thought. But yes, I went HFLC a month ago and my IBS symptoms cleared up in three days. It's been amazing.

Frosty66612 · 14/05/2018 08:54

So you have the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week? I have bad IBS but I couldn’t be so restrictive. Surely there are other ingredients You can have on that diet?!

Nobra2matchmypanties · 15/05/2018 14:12

Well its just must quicker and easier and frees up time for other stuff. And unlike other diets I've tried, I'm always full

OP posts:
JemmimaJ · 28/05/2018 00:18

OP Fodmap will help you with foods for IBS. I did an elimination diet which was free from trigger foods and realised after a couple of weeks I hadn't farted Blush once in that time. So by removing trigger foods I stopped the food related IBS issues.

JemmimaJ · 28/05/2018 00:20

What your eating , bacon, egg and broccoli is not healthy for keeping your immune system strong enough to prevent illness.

Treeballarae · 28/05/2018 00:59

I've never heard of the keto diet, but I would second JemmimaJ in that the FODMAP diet may help the bloating you experience - but is a bit of a pain to follow. Personally bacon, eggs and broccoli are all triggers of my IBS and if I didn't get soluble fibre from carbs my gut would be in trouble but I also know IBS is a very varied and personal condition. When I started the FODMAP diet my diet went from extremely limited (5 different foods) to a whole range of foods. When I used to only eat 5 foods, I used to worry a lot about the impact it was having on my health so I would likewise be concerned that you are not getting the full range of nutrients that you need. Another thing you could try for the bloating is food combining - you're already doing half of it - you eat protein and veg together (so what you already do) and you eat carbs and veg together, but never protein and carbs together.

Itsmeaga1n · 28/05/2018 02:28

A low carb diet definitely sorted out my IBS.

You could add in other meats and fish, other vegetables. Also some butter.

To keep it still maybe have a food plan for a fortnight, so maybe bacon and eggs every morning, then tuna with cucumber for lunch, or soup (without potatoes) etc, chicken with broccoli for dinner, or another meat/fish with veg. Maybe also take a multivitamin.

Scottishlassie81 · 05/06/2018 09:55

I am just looking into starting keto and it looks like it will help my IBS as well as help me lose weight. I am hoping those two reasons will help my willpower.

I am a meat eater so hopefully it will give me more options. I am terrible for just making tea and toast for dinner if i can't be arsed though. Those habits are going to be hard to break.

I have IBS D anyone else had good results with IBS symptoms in going low carb?

AuntyElle · 05/06/2018 10:00

I’ve done the GAPS diet which helped IBS a lot. But eating lots of bacon, or any processed meat, is a proven increased cancer risk. Very clear evidence.

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