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Low-carb diets

Best home made low carb bread

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BrigitsBigKnickers · 20/01/2018 11:35

So have been LC for a while but I really miss bread.

Tried making some rolls from the diet doctor site the other day (almond flour, egg whites, psyillium husk, cider vinegar,salt) and they ended up rock hard on the outside and soggy in the middle. (Cost a bloody fortune in almond flour too) Revolting and totally inedible- had to throw the lot away.Angry

I have made oopsie rolls and they are ok but not very breadlike (more like a pancake)

Anyone got any really good low carb bread recipes?

I really want something that vaguely resembles a sandwich.


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BrigitsBigKnickers · 20/01/2018 13:07


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nevermindthebollox · 21/01/2018 21:52

Have you tried cloud bread? I can't remember the exact recipe that I used but if you google it there are lots of recipes!

BrigitsBigKnickers · 21/01/2018 23:44

Thanks- will look it up!

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Iamdobby63 · 26/01/2018 15:21

The Tom Kerridge Soda bread is really nice.

stoneagefertilitydoll · 26/01/2018 15:39

I don't have a recipe any more, but the only way I got something low-carb and edible for sandwiches was with a combination of nut flours and gluten powder - I found that any one nut flour alone didn't taste good/wasn't moist.

If I was feeling flush with the carbs, I'd add a small hit of wheat or oat flour which greatly improved the taste and texture.

Also cost a fortune though.. In the end I decided it just wasn't worth the expense or hassle and stopped trying to make sandwiches.

Grufeling · 27/01/2018 06:40

Have you got a Lidl near you? I tried their protein rolls yesterday and they're good and very filling. I think they're about 9g carbs each but you could slice in half.

BrigitsBigKnickers · 29/01/2018 14:23

Thanks- yes I have a Lidl near my office- will go and try them- sounds good!

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MothershipG · 29/01/2018 15:00

I think I've tried every low carb bread recipe out there and have now given up due to cost and the fact that none of them are any good.

Probably the least worst is the Sukrin bread mix

But it's ridiculously expensive and what I really want is a lovely piece of sourdough not some seedy stodge. 😉

Cloud bread is a complete misnomer, it's nothing at all like bread.

JohnnyCrowsGarden · 25/04/2018 15:56

Keto Soda bread is your friend here.

Its totally delicious and very filling.

Lonesurvivor · 06/05/2018 16:11

I made similar to the above this afternoon.
I used
150g almond flour,
25g milled flaxseed (Lidl)
Tea sp Apple cider vinegar
Tea sp of both baking and bread soda,
3 large eggs
Small bit of sweetner .
I baked it using skillet method above.

It's like a brown bread with out any sugar/honey added. It was lovely read with butter. You could probably add more sweetner but I don't think I'll even bother next time as I'm avoiding them, I only added some as I was concerned it would effect the taste a lot.

Lonesurvivor · 06/05/2018 22:02

Sorry forgot to add pic,

Best home made low carb bread
Best home made low carb bread
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