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Low-carb diets

Veggie low carb?

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MOIST · 21/05/2017 08:36

Is it possible?
Having tried everything under the sun it is the turn of the low carb.
Is there an easy list somewhere if stuff I could eat?
I can't be dealing with weighing and measuring.
What about wine?
What about chips at the seaside? (Would only be twice a year but.....)

OP posts:
MOIST · 21/05/2017 08:41

And is there a definitive list anywhere? Different Ines say different things. Peppers? Aubergine?

OP posts:
BIWI · 21/05/2017 09:12

The next low carb Bootcamp starts tomorrow - and there's a vegetarian version, if that would interest you? Bootcamp is based around not weighing or counting anything, so sounds like it would work for you Grin

It isn't as easy if you don't eat meat/fish, but it is doable.

Rose Elliott has created a low carb vegetarian diet, and also has a recipe book that goes with it, which has some lovely things in it. And check out the Bootcamp recipe thread - some veggie recipes there too.

Wine is a difficult one - as is all alcohol to be honest, because the body burns alcohol in preference to any other source - so all the time you're drinking alcohol, you're not burning fat. In addition, wine has carbs (and a lot of calories), so it's not brilliant. But like everything else, occasionally and in moderation, you should be able to include it.

And chips once or twice a year is a given, surely?! Grin

MOIST · 21/05/2017 09:15

I'll give boot camp a bash. Where might I find you?

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PlymouthMaid1 · 21/05/2017 09:25

I am also giving this a go Moist. I do eat fish which will make things easier but I am still very interested in veggie ideas.

MOIST · 21/05/2017 09:39

You have convinced me. I'm in. Off shopping.

OP posts:
BarchesterFlowers · 21/05/2017 09:43

I am not 100% vegetarian and don't low carb exclusively ....... stay with me here Grin, but I love <a class="break-all" href="//" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">this book.

TheVicarOfNibbleswicke · 09/06/2017 20:39

How's it going moist?? Veggie here too doing boot camp! Lost 6lb in first two weeks so feeling pleased!

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