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Low-carb diets

Low carb shakes

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livefrommysofa · 22/03/2017 08:15

Hi, I am considering starting low carb eating to lose weight and I've heard it's good for PCOS. The thing is I struggle to eat breakfast. I can manage cereal once I've fully woke up that's obviously not great for low carving. I can't face hot food or meats for breakfast and if I'm having breakfast it has to be before I start work as once I'm at work I don't get chance to grab anything until lunch time. So I was wondering if anyone knew of a low carb shake I could use for breakfast. I seem to remember slim fast being full of sugars.

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sadzak · 28/03/2017 17:46

Exante diet shakes keep you in ketosis

hazelnutlatte · 28/03/2017 17:53

Protein shakes are often lowish carb - they are not specifically designed for a low carb diet but I don't see why they wouldn't be suitable. Just checked the one I have in my cupboard, it has 1.7g of carbs per serving (and 25g of protein). They do usually contain artificial sweeteners if that's a concern? The brand in my cupboard is 'optimum nutrition' but I'm sure other brands are similar.

BeeFarseer · 27/04/2017 22:59

I like the Atkins Advantage shakes. They are 4g of carb per serving (I use the powder) and I make them up with nut milks rather than water. I had one yesterday that was lovely - vanilla shake powder with roasted almond milk, a sachet of matcha powder, and cinnamon.

I know that's not as low as some, but since I have them to replace a meal, they're low enough for me. I'm prediabetic and they don't spike my blood sugars at all.

Megsmcgoo · 07/05/2017 13:18

The myprotein shakes are low carb 😊

Rowenag · 15/05/2017 06:54

Atkins advantage shakes can also be bought ready made. I have one everyday for breakfast at work and it is so convenient. I don't think I will ever have anything else now. They taste quite nice if you drink them chilled. You can buy them in Boots and Tesco or online.

Nowwhatsthis · 29/05/2017 08:43

Maybe your body does not want you to have breakfast?

If you feel like you can cope until lunch without eating then do that. A longer night fast is supposedly good for you.

Marmalade85 · 29/05/2017 08:53

I use the Protein Works meal replacement shakes and they have 40g protein and 5g carbs per serving. I have it with whole milk though so will be higher.

olympicsrock · 29/05/2017 08:59

I am using protein works shakes too after trying a colleagues. They taste really good. Even Jaffa cake flavour!

GavelRavel · 29/05/2017 09:03

where can you buy the protein works ones?

Marmalade85 · 29/05/2017 11:05

You can buy them from the website or Amazon

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