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Low-carb diets

Fell off the wagon today

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ridingsixwhitehorses · 21/06/2016 20:10

It's my bday and have eaten the following after five weeks of being good and losing 5kg

Banana and coffee for breakfast
Sushi for lunch (tempura, rolls made with sticky rice, sashimi and a pancake pudding).
Salad for dinner - this is fine!
Two chocolates and three biscuits and a gin and tonic.

How do I get back on the wagon tomorrow?

OP posts:
PlanD · 21/06/2016 20:18

Just get back on it. No messing about. It's not the end of the world and if you just go straight back to it its highly unlikely to make any difference. You might not lose this week or at least not as much but that's it. Honestly, it's not worth stressing over- I've done this loads.

ridingsixwhitehorses · 21/06/2016 21:04

And that is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

OP posts:
Ldo · 22/06/2016 09:13

Reassuring words PlanD! I posted recently about having a sugar binge and was told that I had messed up and undone all my good work! Which left me feeling somewhat.....deflated !!
I think I need to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint . The ultimate goal is low carb all the time, but , well, sometimes life gets in the way, we are human and we slip up. The key is not to think 'oh fuck it' and dive into a pile of biscuits . Then all your hard work really would have been in vain.
I am trying to be kinder to myself when I make mistakes, this is a way of eating for life but there is no way I am never going to have a pain au chocolate ever again ! Two steps forward, one step backwards, l'll still get there eventually......albeit rather slowly but that's just fine! I'm the tortoise rather than the hare!! X

seasidesally · 24/06/2016 22:21

we have all done it and that is not very helpful who ever said that to you

nothing like being encouraging Hmm

also i think you have been pretty good you should see some of the binges ive had

Theydontknowweknowtheyknow · 25/06/2016 10:07

Ldo i saw that response to your post too and also felt Confused because I also fell spectacularly off the wagon yesterday!

I guess the question is - when you consume more carbs than you should on one day does your body revert into burning carbs instantly and you have to retrain it to burning fat again..?

Any experts with an answer?

BIWI · 27/06/2016 21:32

The trouble is - and it was probably me that posted to you about the sugar binge - is that you will have undone all the good work that you've already done! There's no point sugar coating (sorry Grin) these things, and if asked what the impact will be, I'll tell you.

Low carbing is not a very forgiving way of eating. It's not like low calorie dieting, where you can eat lower calorie meals to compensate for higher calorie ones.

Your body switches between burning carbs and burning fat, but if you eat a high amount of carbs then they won't get burnt off, they'll be laid down as fat.

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