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Low-carb diets

Sugar binge and disturbing toilet happenings (sorry for tmi but a bit worried !!)

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Ldo · 17/06/2016 23:37

Hi all , hoping someone more experienced in LCHF eating will be able to reassure me...
I am on Day 5 of strict LCHFing and have been really strict , also no dairy as I want to see if it clears up my skin. I have been having :
Breakfasts - eggs/bacon/mushrooms/ lc sausages fried in coconut oil
Spinach, cucumber, cherry toms, avocado, olives, hm olive oil dressing, salmon/smoked mackerel/ prawns, hard boiled egg
Meat/fish with veggies fried in butter, salad with oily dressing
Snacks- chorizo, olives, few berries, kiwis, nuts
So today my period started and I was feeling tired and pissed off in the evening and had a binge of a mug of hot chocolate , a pain au chocolat, a small choc bar, a handful of kiddy sweets and a few small mint chocolate thins. As you can see, sugar is my downfall!! Soon after I felt really quite nauseous and really thirsty . I then had to rush to the loo for a number 2(sorry, tmi)
My first question is, have I messed this up? I really want to do this to lose about a stone and conquer my sugar addiction but I seem to have fallen at the first hurdle.
My second question is a bit gross so apologies in advance. It's about poo! I didn't go at all for the first couple of days but since then I have an, ahem, urgent urge once or twice a day and it is rather like diarrhoea . More worryingly though, it is rather like an oil slick and I can literally see a film of oil on the water . Is this normal ? Sorry again!

OP posts:
BIWI · 18/06/2016 20:37

Yes, you've messed it up! You have, I'm sorry to say, totally undone the work you did in the first few days - you've stopped your body moving from using carbs as fuel to using fat as fuel.

The excess sugar can definitely also cause diarrhoea.

Sounds like you just need to get back on the wagon and concentrate on leaving the sugar out of your diet.

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