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Low-carb diets

Low carb diet = constipation

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ohthegoats · 11/04/2016 23:45

For me, anyway.

Weirdly, some carbs (bread specifically), cause the opposite.

So, I feel generally better for a low carb diet, apart from the constipation. What can I do about it?

What about a porridge and fruit type breakfast? Thing is, eggs fill me up for about three times longer.

OP posts:
ivykaty44 · 11/04/2016 23:50

Water, more water and water. Then running, fast walking or cycling
Water is needed to firm a poo of the correct consistency to poo, so drinking plenty of water helps considerably. Exercise gets things moving, so a twenty minute jog or a brisk walk or cycle every day will also get things moving.

As will prunes, lay of the eggs Wink as they are binding.
I eat four prunes every morning.

BIWI · 13/04/2016 00:02

Eggs aren't binding.

But yes, you need lots of water. And fat. And fibre from vegetables and salad.

I'm a long term low carber and have never suffered from constipation - it's not inevitable!

stilllovingmysleep · 13/04/2016 14:19

I think also psyllium husks can help

Smellyrose · 13/04/2016 14:28

I've found the opposite (sorry if this is tmi!) - I get constipated because of iron tablets or, when I stopped taking them, it can be quite, erm, sticky (sorry Blush). I've been low carbing for a week and have been pooing like a pro for the past couple of days Grin.

I am eating fruit though, and not too much meat (ex veggie who can't handle lots of meat in the diet). I've given up wheat and added sugars - so sweets, biscuits, etc - and am eating not too much in the way of other carbs - potatoes, rice, etc.

AnnaForbes · 13/04/2016 14:37

Smelly, Im an ex vegetarian and struggle with huge amounts of meat. I'm eating fruit too, I know it has sugars but I think its healthy. Ive been low carbing for 2 days apart from wine and am determined to get into the new jeans I bought by the weekend (its looking doubtful Sad).

Laus13 · 13/04/2016 14:44

In a low carb diet it's natural to eat more protein which takes a while to digest.
When I've done them in the past I'd 'go' maybe twice a week!
Drink plenty but eating low carbs means you don't need the water to store the energy so you won't feel that thirsty.
Make sure you're getting plenty of veggies and that's all you can do.
It'll make its way out when it's ready (sound familiar?!) but don't push!
Alternatively, try raising your knees up on a box of pack of toilet paper. Much more natural position for poopsicles!!

BIWI · 13/04/2016 21:21

Read this about drinking water when you're low carbing!

It's really important.

There's a lot more that you can do than just increasing your veg intake (although that's important). Water, fat and exercise will all help you.

CrepeDeChineWag · 27/04/2016 19:07

Have 2 cups of very strong 'real' coffee first thing in the morning. I'm a tea drinker mostly but if I have 2 cups from a caffetiere before 10am I practically run to the loo with 20 minutes.

Lots of water and exercising (running especially helps with 'dislodging'). Fat in your diet. Massage your abodomen and rub your lower back whilst sitting on the toilet.

jeez tmi! Grin

LifeIsGoodish · 27/04/2016 19:27

Is it that you go less frequently than you are used to on a carbie diet, or that when you go it is hard and uncomfortable?

The first is normal for a low carb diet, and not at all a problem.

The second is easily dealt with by drinking a lot of water throughout the day (any permitted drink counts as water), adding fat to your diet (raw olive oil especially) and moving more (swimming, brisk walking, cycling, or any exercise). Psyllium husks, flax seeds and chia seeds are all good sources of low carb soluble fibre, which will also help, but you must must must have them with plenty of extra fluids.

Nomorechickens · 11/05/2016 00:28

5 prunes for breakfast (any more and you will regret it)
Large quantity of shredded cabbage / greens for dinner, sautéed in a little butter, with small amounts of more interesting veg eg red pepper, onion, mushroom.
All your carbs should be high fibre
Finn Crisp crispbreads are good too. High fibre low calorie.

ReggaeShark · 25/05/2016 18:17

I always have this problem when I low carb. It's why I stopped the first 2 times. As I'm reminded now.

Cherylene · 25/05/2016 18:19

Kiwi fruit.

thenewaveragebear1983 · 25/05/2016 18:27

I make an 'omelette' type affair using 2 eggs and a scan-bran cracker. Soften the bran in boiling water, let it cool, whisk it into eggs and fry like a pancake. I use it like a wrap, fill it with salad/cheese. I want to tell you it's delicious, but it's not. It is OK though.....I do it twice a week, but you need to drink a lot of water to help the high fibre along.

ProfYaffle · 25/05/2016 18:29

Flaxseed. I make 'pancakes' from 2 beaten eggs, table spoon of flax seed and a splash of almond milk. Nice with cream and berries. Also google muffin in a minute, that'll get you going! Grin

ReggaeShark · 25/05/2016 21:42

But I thought no seeds in phase 1? I did the Dukan for a bit and the oat bran at breakfast solved the problem but again I wanted to do a couple of weeks of proper phase 1. Might have to accept that doesn't work for me and go back on the oat bran.

ProfYaffle · 26/05/2016 06:29

Ground flaxseed is fine, it's basically fibre, not really oily. Muffin a minute is an Atkins phase 1 recipe. I've not done Dukan so don't know about that.

ReggaeShark · 26/05/2016 07:45

Flaxseed here I come!

ProfYaffle · 26/05/2016 08:09

I think flaxseed is the American name and Linseed the English name for the same product. Aldi have it quite cheaply, it's in the cereal aisle.

PussInBoots89 · 27/05/2016 13:49

The combination of less food and less fibre means you may get constipation whilst following a low carb diet.

You could buy over the counter medications like Senna or Dulcolax but these can be quite strong so you might be best taking half of the stated dose to begin with so that its not as harsh on your tummy.

It might be an idea to also add dark leafy greens to your diet too. Vegetables such as cabbage, sprouts and leeks might be good to have.

Make sure you also drinking plenty of water too and keep fully hydrated!

FaithAscending · 01/06/2016 15:33

I had this when I started low carbing. I increased my leafy veg intake and upped the water. I bought some Senna but only needed one to get things going!

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