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Low-carb diets

Day one fail! Need a good kick up the arse (by text obvs, please don't RL kick me)

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standinginthedoorway · 15/10/2015 12:36

So I have just started low carbing today and need to confess that as I was preparing my 9mo's lunch, I couldn't resist stuffing a large hunk of bakery white bread into my face.

Need help! Clearly I am a carb fiend with no self restraint.

OP posts:
standinginthedoorway · 17/10/2015 13:06

Well MN, I hope you're happy! I have had to kick myself up the arse resulting in a dislocated knee and a sore arse. Humph! I jest of course. Just trying to break the awkward silence for myself... Dum dee dum dee dum drums fingers on table.

I am doing better now and still trying to eat lowish carb. Wish me luck (I will take silence as good luck too).

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TurnOffTheTv · 17/10/2015 13:11

Get you're shit together man! You're not even half way through the day!

TurnOffTheTv · 17/10/2015 13:12

Fucking autocorrect your

standinginthedoorway · 17/10/2015 13:54

Thanks turnoff! I needed that.

OP posts:
Huntthepigsear · 17/10/2015 18:14

Why don't you join bootcamp? We only started on Monday and I'm sure you'll be welcome. BIWI has a big stick, so you won't need to dislocate your other knee.
Glad it's getting better, I must admit I'm loving it. Not eaten so much fat in years. Grin

standinginthedoorway · 17/10/2015 21:27

I looked at bootcamp hunt. Looks interesting... I'll post some questions on the question board thingy and not bore you with them here. Thanks!

I have been low carbing for a few days and must admit I love being able to eat butter, cream and coconut oil! Nom nom.

OP posts:
Huntthepigsear · 18/10/2015 07:38

Come and post on the pre Christmas bootcamp question thread, or just leap in the week 1 thread. We won't bite too many carbs Grin
Sorry, can't link as I am on the app.
It's a great thread, lots of support and good ideas for meals. Plus a telling off we we go off track.

standinginthedoorway · 18/10/2015 10:56

Haha yep I'd estimate I am mainly carbohydrate...

OP posts:
plastique · 19/11/2015 17:09

We were/are all carb fiends, get that nasty crappy food out of your house!! You can only eat what there is :)

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