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Low-carb diets

Help! Need to get started - tell me the basics.

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CordeliaFoxx · 21/07/2015 01:21

Hi I need to stop eating crap and for my jeans to fit again. I've previously done the Dukan diet and did well until I fell off the wagon, it's very restrictive and don't want to go that extreme really.

Can you please tell me the dos and donts, obviously I realise no bread, pasta, rice etc - what else? Where do I stand on cheese/dairy etc? Full fat or no fat?

I would ideally like to loose 1.5 - 2 stone.


OP posts:
Letmegetanamechange · 21/07/2015 14:00

Bumping as I've just started too and know very little!

On the low carb boot camp thread if you click on one of the weekly weigh ins and follow the spreadsheet link BIWI posts there are different subheadings with some rules eg what is restricted and what you can eat all of. Although I understand that the boot camp is more strict with cutting out all fruit etc

HelenF35 · 21/07/2015 14:14

I would always choose full fat dairy over low as low fat tends to be full of sugar or horrible artificial sweeteners.

happygirl87 · 21/07/2015 14:21

Try and find the boot camp week one thread - it has all the links to everything including rules, question threads etc.

CordeliaFoxx · 21/07/2015 17:17

Thanks, looking at the examples of what people are eating I don't think I could do it as its too high fat. Had my Gall bladder removed a few years ago and can't cope with much fat since, and was recommended a low fat diet.

OP posts:
Milllii · 24/07/2015 22:09

You don't have to eat high fat. You can do low carb and low fat. I cant eat lots of fat either .

Milllii · 24/07/2015 22:10

But by low fat I mean leaving off added fat not eating processed low carb rubbish.

BlearyeyedLol · 03/08/2015 02:50

I've been on the Dukan for 6 weeks and have lost 17 ponds so far. I bought the book off eBay for 99p to understand the basics. I don't follow or 100% but do most of it.
I eat lots of meat, eggs, fat free yoghurt and extra light Philadelphia.
I also make some lovely protein pancakes for breakfast with oat bran flakes to stop me getting bunged up.
For me it's working really well Grin

hangingoutattheendofmywick · 11/10/2015 13:25

I've been low carbing for just over a month and lost 2 dress sizes. The basics are:
Eat any meat
Any fish
Any cheese (but always check the label)
Exceedingly low carb veg like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, avocado, kale, Bok choi, mushrooms, asparagus, watercress (always check the label)
But eat veg more sparingly.
Hot sauces like tobasco & similar
Full fat Mayo
(Always go for full fat everything as means no sugar added!)
In the evening I have gin & slimline tonic. Black coffee and black tea. Water.
I've never eaten so much and feel 100% better than ever before!
My advice is just to check the label on everything you buy and aim for 0. Carbs or as low as you can get. 3 maximum usually.
And never assume by looking at something it doesn't have carbs. Always check. It's not as simple as no potatoes / pasta rice.

hangingoutattheendofmywick · 11/10/2015 13:26

I might have meant pak choi.

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